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Fuso FM Medium Duty Truck

Fuso FM Medium Duty Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso FM Medium Duty 15 Ton Truck at Thailand top Mitsubishi Commercial Truck Dealer Exporter


Mitsubishi FK/FM series has undergone a full model change to be born as Mitsubishi's new generation medium-duty trucks of outstanding comfort, operational ease and economy. Superbly balanced, the driver conscious, new generation FK/FM sports a new aerodynamically designed cab with a lower wind drag coefficient, an interior of soft oval design coupled with numerous new innovative features to dramatically upgrade driver comfort, ease in operation and economy. A vehicle of distinctive new characteristics, the new FK/FM series is also created for environmental compatibility so important in our times will alter the past concepts of trucks to take the world of medium-duty transports into a new era.

15 ton Mitsubishi FM medium duty truck is available in Thailand in the following configurations:

Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F F1RDH1 4x2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc /240 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F H1RDH1 4x2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F M1RDH1 4x2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc TI

Mitsubishi Fuso FM65 Features

Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F is a 4x2 Six Wheel Truck. It boosts 7545 cc performance. Here are salient features of different Fuso FM models:

Detail FM65FF1RDH1. FM65FH1RDH1. FM65FJ1RDH1. FM65FM1RDH1.
Size and weight Wheelbase.      (WB).  Mm 3,680.00 4,280.  4,620.  5,550.00
The total length.  (OAL).   Mm 6,705.00 7,535.  8,025.  9,405.00
Overall width. (OW). Mm 2,460. 
Height all (OH). Mm 2,695. 
Length pickup. (CE). Mm 4,635.00 5,465.  5,955.  7,335.00
Rear overhang. (ROH). Mm 1,700.00 1,930.  2,080.  2,530.00
Total payload. (GVW). Kg 15,000. 
Weight chassis. Page Kg 2,760.00 2,670.  2,790.  2,720.00
  After Kg 1,850.00 1,950.  1,960.  2,090.00
  Included. Kg 4,610.00 4,620.  4,750.  4,810.00
Capacity Maximum speed. Km / h   111. 
Maximum angle of climb. % (Tanθ).   33.0.
Turning radius. Mm   6,500.00 7,300.00 7,800.00 9,200.00
Engine Generation 6M60 - 1AT1 (Euro 3). 
A / TIS 2315-2551 (EURO3). Diesel 4-stroke, 6-cylinder, direct-injection version,. 
cooled water. Clooney and turbo intercooler dealer.
Fuel system. Common rail systems. Controlled by the computer.
The cylinder in x.  Mm   118 X 115. 
during seizures.  
Cylinder capacity. CC.   7,545. 
Maximum power.     EEC NET 177 kW (240 ps) / 2,600 rpm. 
Torque.     EEC NET 686 Nm. (70.0 kgf.m) / 1,400 rpm. 
Compression ratio. 18: 1. 
Generator 24 Volt, AC, 50 Amp.
Starter. 24 Volt, 5.0 kW. 
Electrical systems. Battery 12 Volt X 2, 70 Ah rate capacity of 20 hours. 
Fuel system. Fuel tank. Liter   200
Transmission system. Clutch. Dry, single plate, hydraulic control with smoke, the wind pressure helps. 
Gear Generation M8S6. 
  Model 6 forward gears, gears 2-6 with synchrotron mesh. 
Gear ratio. 1st gear. 7.814.
2nd gear. 4.506.
Gears 3. 2.690.
Gear 4. 1.621.
5th gear. 1.000.
6th gear. 0.894.
Reverse gear. 6.849.
Final Gear Ratio. 5.571.
Front axle. Model Beam, DR Elliott (I-BEAM, REVERSED ELLIOT). 
Capacity Kg   6,000. 
Rear axle. Model Floating (FULL FLOATING), single gear,. 
strands at high (HYPOID GEAR). 
Capacity Kg   10,800. 
Braking system. Model Pressure hydraulic and pneumatic (AIR OVER HYDRAULIC),. 
2 independent circuit and AIR DRYER. 
Handbrake.  Accelerate the mechanical shaft brake action. 
Brake assist. Exhaust brake (EXHAUST BRAKE). 
Steering system. Model Power assisted recirculating ball bearing system, 4-way adjustable labor. 
Ratio. 22.4.
Frame chassis. Model SUPER FRAME, LADDER WEB RIVET,. 
ladder. And steel reinforcement.
Suspension. Page Double leaf springs and shock absorbers 2 strokes. 
After Overlapping leaf springs. 
Wheels and tires. Tire size. 10.00 - 20-16PR. 
Wheels. 20 X 7.00T - 162 - 12t, 8 studs.