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Armored Cars, Trucks and SUV New Used Dubai UAE, Turkey, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, NZ For Sale

New and used armoured (armored) cars, trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles are always on sale at Jim Autos Worldwide with presence in Dubai UAE, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, United States and Australia.

We offer full range of new and used quality armored cars, armored vans, armored trucks, armored pickup trucks, armored SUVs and other used armored vehicles including bulletproof trucks, CIT, prisoner transports, tactical trucks and money transport vehicles based on all major brands as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW or any brand of your choice.

New and used armored vehicle or light armored car are available or can be made on custom order quickly in either Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive. We can provide customized armored transports to governments, military agencies, non-profit organizations, aid community, private businesses and individuals. Whether you are looking for Security vehicles, Bulletproof trucks, B.A.T.T. vehicles, Swat vehicles, Prisoner transports, Money transport trucks, Cash-In-Transit vehicles, Swat tactical trucks, Water Cannon, Riot vehicles or Personal passenger protection vehicles and SUVs we can provide them.

We are also able to provide Anti-Terrorism Vehicles to combat any terror threat be it chemical, nuclear or otherwise.