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Testimonials from North America

Testimonials from North America

United States

John Farill, Florida

You are a true business man that cares about his consumers. You are the embodiment of your company's mission statement. Your great grandfather would be very proud of you.

Testimonials from Europe

Testimonials from Europe


Xewqa Maksar

Thank you for being trustworthy. I received the car my son bought for me from you. We went to picnic this past Sunday and the whole family piled up and went on a long drive, it was a comfortable drive. Thanks to your team from our family.

Melita A.

I drove from Valetta to Bugibba and performance was superb. The car is so clean it looks new. A lot of my friends are going to buy from you. Jack was right "you under-promise and over-deliver"

 Turkish Cyprus

Kerem Edip

I've been importing from Thailand for the past 10 years. 10 years when I first visited Thailand I had gone by your showroom but seeing how big your showroom was I had left without visiting. I had thought that your prices will be much too high. After going through five different vendor I have now turned to you and am sorry for my mistake 10 years ago. Your service and quality are just as legendary as you claim but to my surprise your prices and speed of delivery are even more legendary. Since time is money I'm getting double the savings, first on price and then on being able to sell all that quickly. On an average your vehicles arrive two to three weeks earlier than from all most past vendors which means that I get my ROI all that sooner. As you know I'm a Doctor and car importing is just a side business so I'm happy that finally I have run into a reliable partner so I don't have to take time off from my real job. Your cars sell themselves, they arrive on time and everything works like clockwork. Congratulations on building such a well oiled machine. Your great grandfather will be proud of where you have taken his dream. Thank you again.

Emirhan Celebi

I don't particularly like pickup trucks but am in love with Isuzu Dmax you sent me. I'm happy that I went with your recommendation of accessories. As you had said it turned an ordinary car into an extraordinary ride. Please give my thanks to all in your team, specially Jack.

Testimonials from Asia

Testimonials from Asia

Here are some testimonials from some of our customers from Asia.

Testimonials from Myanmar (Burma)

Myint A.

Even though we only start purchasing from Jim Autos 2 years ago, we have centralized all our car purchasing with them. At first we were only purchasing Thailand vehicles from the but now we also purchase vehicles from Japan, United States and Dubai. Their prices are low and their vehicle quality is always top notch. In the past I used to have a lot of problems with other vendors but once we began dealing with Jim, we learned a different level of customer service that is unheard of in car export industry.

Hnin P.

Thanks for beautiful car, it was as you promised. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


R. Motors, Karachi

We have been exporting from Jim and their sister companies for the past 15 years and will continue to do so for the next 15. Jim is a man of his words and his vehicles are of highest quality and their service always best. Even when there is a lull in our business I always keep in touch with Jim as he is a great guy with great insights in life and our business.

Khalid, K. Motors, Karachi

My customers love their cars and I love their service and prices. I buy from them from Thailand and Australia and am fully satisfied.

M. Junejo, Larkana, Sindh

Bought three Vigoes from Jim three years ago, still no problem. I will definitely recommend them.

M. Chowdury, Lahore, Punjab

Most folks in Pakistan import Toyota Vigo from Jim but I purchased Toyota Hiace from them and am very happy. Good people.

 Sri Lanka

Hirantha S.

It was my first time dealing with Thailand dealer, it was very pleasant experience, they made me at home. They were very patient with me as my bank was new to me and they delayed LC but Jim did not mistrust me and waited until things were resolved. I'm sure they suffered a loss but since then I have been committed to them and have been recommending them to others. Right now changes in our laws do not permit to import much but as soon as rules change again I plan to use only Jim for all my car imports.

United Arab Emirates

P. Motors, Al-Aweer, Dubai

I have been dealing with Jim for the past 15 years and will certainly recommend them. Even though they compete with me but I was the first one to greet their arrival in Dubai market as their presence has improved our market. They are honest and true to their word.


Abdur Rahman Omar, Baghdad

Very good price.

Ali H., Kufa

Like my car. They are good people.


Ramdas K.

Their customer service is very high. I have been asking questions for the past six months and still they have not tired of my questions. I still have to import a vehicle from them.


Alireza H.

I buy from them first time. Their cars very good, my customer happy so I happy. I will buy more. Thank you.


Khondker Mustifuz Rahman, Chittagong

Thank you kindly for your service. You delivered all vehicles on time and on prices you promised. I'm sure I will win the next contract as well.


Testimonials from Central and South America

Testimonials from Central and South America

We are Thailand's, Japan's, Singapore's, Australia's, United Kingdom's, New Zealand's, Unites States', Canada's and Dubai UAE's top car dealer and exporter of car, pickup trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Multi Purpose Vehicles, Luxury Marque, minivan, truck, bus and machinery to the Caribbean and English speaking countries of South America Right Hand Drive countries as well as Spanish and Portuguese Left Hand Drive countries.

Trinidad and Tobago

Ramdas G.

This was my first time importing from Thailand and I must say it was sheer pleasure. I made some error in calculation and Jack corrected it right away saving me $3000. Honesty is not just a slogan to them but a way of life.

Anthony Ali

I laughed when I read on Jim website that they "empower their client and participate in their success." This sounded like salespeak to me but then some four years ago I placed an order with them and imagine my chagrin when Jim refused to fulfill my order. He began giving my all the reasons why I should not buy those vehicles. I'm a stubborn guy so I took my order somewhere else and this other guy fulfilled my order right away. It turned out that Jim was right after all. He knew my market better than me. It took me a year to get rid of those vehicles at a significant loss. Suffice it to say that I have been a loyal Jim customer since then.

Kumar Sookdeo

What surprised me was speed of response. I heard from Jack within 3 minutes of my email and that was no fluke. Unless he is sleeping he keeps in touch. They also deliver vehicles very quickly. My vehicles were shipment ready in 5 working days after confirmation of my funds.

Caribbean, West Indies

Mount Hartman Resort

mount-hartman-vehicles2I needed to buy three new vehicles for my resort hotel in the West Indies and I needed to place the order from the UK.   I found Jim Autos by internet searches and they offered the best price but most importantly they responded promptly to my enquiry with helpful emails.  

I was a demanding customer because I wanted all of the vehicles immediately and I wanted them all to be same colour.  Jim and his team were proactive with their suggestions and proposals and found the vehicles.  They then arranged all of the shipping.  

They kept me informed at all times and sent me photographs of the vehicles at each key stage including photographing the cars in the containers.  They arranged insurance.  

Nothing was too much trouble and the vehicles arrived exactly when they said they would in perfect condition.  They are a family firm with a very high service level.  Highly recommended and we will use them again.  




Testimonials from Africa

Testimonials from Africa

Here are some of our customers from Africa who have chosen to send in their testimonials.


Siphathisiwe Mbuyzawa

I used to purchase from your Harare representative and was glad to visit them and purchase the car I liked so I was apprehensive dealing directly with you but thank you. You made the experience wonderful. Jack proverbially held my hand throughout the experience. The car arrived last week and it was better than its pictures. It is clean in and out and drives great. It has been good working with you. I'm definitely going to recommend you.

Kudzie Chibweza, Bulawayo

Thank you for the beautiful car. My daughter is in love. You guys deliver on your promises.

Tawanda Chikakuda

Thanks for the gift for the Holidays. I have the best accessorized Vigo in all of Harare, I'm getting envious looks and am getting compliments from friends and strangers. Please let me know if you need any references.

 Patience Sireva

Sorry for not emailing you earlier. Received car a month ago, have been busy enjoying it. The only problem is that my husband and I have to fight over it so I'm sure he will be ordering one from you pretty soon.


Tom Musonda

Love it! Love it! Love it! All three cars were in perfect condition and a week later they have been sold. They were pristine all over. One of my customer could not believe that it was a 5 year old vehicle. Here is my order for the next three vehicles.

Robinson Chola, Lusaka

Thanks man. This Land Cruiser is even better than the last one you sent me. I want to order a Landcruiser Double Cab soon. I always tell my friend that if you want quality cars at affordable price buy from Jim!

Mohamed Omar

I have received both vehicles in mint condition. Side mirrors on one of the cars was stolen on the port, it is not your fault but if you can send it, I will appreciate it. Thanks for your service.

Salma Mwitumba

We had 10 year reunion of our High School and all the girls just kept giving me compliments on my car. Thank you for making me look good.

Liz Ngewa

Please give my thanks to all your staff. The vehicle you sent me is A1 quality. You are number 1 in my book. Keep up the good work.

Wanda Kalusa, Kasempa

I hope you are doing well. Thanks for this beautiful car you sent me. My husband was surprised when he opened the bonnet, it was sparkling and looked better than a new car. He kept discouraging me from buying on the Internet. I was so happy when last Friday night he began telling some guests we had over for dinner to buy from Jim and how one can save money by buying directly from the source. Thanks for making me look good. You will have more business your way from Kasempa. Please give special thanks to Jack.

Raj Patel, Ndola

I drove my Vigo from Dar-es-Salaam all the way to Ndola. It drives amazing and it looks fabulous. My friends cannot believe how cheap it is. I'm sure you have already heard from my friend Phiri.

Jack Mulembi

This was my first time buying from the Internet. I'm very happy that I found you. I'm very happy with my car as are my children. God bless you. I'm saving money to buy a Prado next.


Moses Madoka

Thank you for delivering a beautiful car and justifying my trust in you. My wife and son were opposed to buying from the Internet. Now my wife's brother will be soon placing an order and guess who convinced him? Right, my blessed wife.

J. Onyango

Car arrived in great condition. I will be placing another order soon.

Isaac Nyakundi

Thanks again guys for making me look good. My shipping guys screwed me up but Jack again rescued me. This is the last time I'm arranging my own shipping. You should give Jack a raise, he is unique in car industry.

 Muhammad Ali

Sorry for the delay. I received the vehicle in great condition and plan to order more vehicles soon.

Frank Wanjala

I would like to let you know that I have received my three Vigoes in great condition. You added additional accessories that you had not requested. Thank you. I'm getting so much interest that I'm in the driving seat after a very long time. If I knew I would have purchased a long time ago.

Mark Gacheru

I drove from Mombasa to Nairobi and had no problem. The car is good inside and out. I have been telling everyone that I bought it from you so I'm sure you will be hearing from my friends and neighbours.

Jack Kimani

As you probably know we are in the middle of an election and we Kenyans are very passionate about our parties. My neighbour has stopped talking to me since the election fever started but yesterday when my beautiful Vigo arrived, he forgot all about the elections and came over to inspect it inside out and I was surprised when he shook my hand and congratulated me. I heard Hilux is used for wars in some countries but glad to report that it is an instrument of peace at least in my neighbourhood. By the way your cars are incredibly beautiful and you install some incredible accessories. God bless you!


 Frank Mwesiga

Thank you guys for making me look good. You guys are living your great grandfather's dream. More power to you.

Ahmed Khalfan

You guys live up to your reputation. Thanks.

Wilson Ampong

I had to write this email to express my great pleasure in seeing this beautiful car you have send me. Since then I have been telling all my friends about you.

Naeem Patel

I'm in love with the Landcruiser you have sent me. This is the best car I have ever driven. Your customer service is legendary, Jack is polite and prompt and Jim is a storehouse of knowledge. I'm forever your customer. I plan to order two Hardtops next month.

 Hamza Mubuya

Happy New Year guys! Love the Car, keep up the good work. Be hearing from me soon.

Ishmael Yoboyee

This is my car of dreams. You got it just right. I'm what you call "lifelong customers" from now on.

Ralph Kosgy

Thank you for an incredible experience buying my first car from a foreign dealer. I was nervous. Jack made it a breeze and he never tired of answering my questions.

Amin Aslam Saad

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the car myself from the port. My wife and girls wer waiting for me impatiently and since then it has been three days, I haven't had a single opportunity to get my turn on the car. The girls are having too much fun. I guess if it continues I will have to come up with money for another car. Come to think of it, perhaps this is your strategy, make the car so good that the father is forced to fork out money for the second car and the third car. LOL. Just kidding guys. Keep up the good work.



 Umar Juko

Can't decide who is more awesome, you guys or the car you sent me. I cannot get over how beautiful this Vigo looks. I had to look at the manufacturing plate twice to make sure that this was a used vehicle. You guys did an awesome (that word again) job with my car. I'm the envy of the town. Car is awesome, you are awesome. Thanks for making me look awesome, your loyal customer, Umar "awesome" Juko :-)


I drove this past weekend to Lake Victoria. Got so many compliments that I cannot count. Thanks for making me look good.

John Opach

My wife Martha is really pleased with the car and I'm pleased that she is pleased.


Sue Mkwezalamba

Thanks for all your help. Car looks amazing. I will send my pic with the car soon. Too busy enjoying it now.

Jonatha Chingalwe

You guys have some history. How can a company be 101 years old and be as passionate as you guys clearly are. You have sent me a totally awesome ride and I thank you for it. This was my 25th wedding anniversary and the car arrived a day before the Anniversary and i was able to give her most perfect gift for our anniversary.

Jennifer Chintale

Every person in your team is very helpful I must say. Your customer service is as good as you advertise.

Pete Nyerinda

The car was delivered yesterday and it had no scratch. It is simply gorgeous. Thank you for making my day.

 Abraham Chimwenge

Thanks. Car is beautiful.

Laura Waleema

Happy with my purchase. Your service is good. I am happy.

Steve Mangulenge

Great car, great customer service. Thanks to all. I will buy more soon.









Johnson Nkem

I hope you are doing great. This is to confirm that DHL has delivered the mail with the Bill of Lading this afternoon. Once more, I wish to express my gratitude in how diligently you provided me with top quality services with a remarkable level of precision in the entire transaction. This is quite impressive and highly commendable.