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Isuzu DECA Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks

Isuzu DECA Medium Heavy Duty Trucks

Isuzu Commercial Trucks Forward Trucks Thailand RHD LHD from Thailand, Dubai, UK and Australia top Trucks Exporter Dealer

By Jack Kates

We can provide just the cab and chassis or a range of body types. Here are Isuzu commercial trucks available in Thailand:

Truck TypeIsuzu Truck
ELF NLR 4 Whl 4.2 ton NLR85EXXXQ 2999 cc 4.2 ton
ELF NMR 6 wheel 5.5 to 6.5 ton NMR85EXXXQ 2999 cc 5.5 ton
NMR85HXXTQ 2999 cc 6.5 ton
NMR85HXXFQ 2999 cc 6.5 ton
ELF NPR 6 wheel 8.5 ton NPR75HXXXQ 5193 cc
NPR75KXXXQ 5193 cc
ELF NQR 6 Wheel 9.5 ton NQR75HXXXQ  5193 cc
NQR75LXXXQ 5193 cc
FORWARD FRR Medium 6 Wheel 10 ton FRR9OHNXXQ 5193 cc
FRR9OLNXXQ  5193 cc
FRR9ONNXXQ  5193 cc
FRR9OHSXXQ 5193 cc
FRR9OLSXXN  5193 cc
FRR9ONSXXQ 5193 cc
Isuzu Forward FTR 6 Wheel 15 Ton Isuzu FTR34JXXXQ 7790cc 4x2
FTR34LXXXQ 7790cc 4x2
FTR34PXXXQ  7790cc 4x2
FTR34QXXXQ 7790cc 4x2
DECA FVM 10 Wheel 25 Ton FVM34QNXXQ 7790cc 6x2
FVM34RNXXQ 7790cc 6x2
FVM34TNXXQ 7790cc 6x2
FVM34WNXXN (12 M) 7790cc 6x2
FVM34QSXXQ 7790cc 6x2
FVM34TSXXQ  7790cc
FVM34QNAXQ (ABS) 7790cc
FVM34RNAXQ (ABS) 7790cc
FVM34TNAXQ (ABS) 7790cc
DECA FVZ / FXZ 10 Wheel 25 Ton FVZ34PNDXQ 7790cc 6x4
FVZ34PSDTQ 7790cc 6x4
FVZ34PSDFQ 7790cc 6x4
FXZ77NXFXQ (Mixer) 9839cc
FXZ77PXDXQ (Dumper) 9839cc
FXZ77QDTQ 9839cc
FXZ77QDFQ 9839cc
DECA FYH 12 30 Ton FYH77SXDTQ 9839cc
Tractor GVR 35 Ton GVR34JXXXQ 9839cc 6x2
GVR34JXXXQ (AMAX-F) 9839cc
Tractor GVZ 50.5 Ton GXZ77NXXTQ 9839cc 6x4
GXZ77NXXFQ 9839cc
GXZ77NXXTQ (AMAX-A) 9839cc
GXZ77NXXFQ (AMAX-A) 9839cc
GXZ77NXJFQ (ABS) 9839cc
Isuzu CNG/MPI Trucks NMR82HXCXQ 6.5 ton 4570cc
NPR82HXCXQ 7.5 ton4570cc
NPR82KXCXQ 7.5 ton 4570 cc
FTR86QCFL 15 ton 7790cc
FV1V186TXCXQ 25 ton 7790cc
FVfV186WSCXN (12 M) 25 ton 7790cc
FXZ78QXBFQ 25 ton 7790cc
GVR86KXCXQ 35 ton 7790cc
GVR86KXCXQ (AMAX-F) 35 ton 7790cc
GVR86KXCXQ (10W T/H 6x2, AMAX-F) 35 ton 7790cc
GXZ78NXCFQ (AMAX-A) 50.5 ton 9839 cc

Isuzu Commercial delivery trucks are dependable, earning their reputation for reliability in demanding applications such as refrigerated transport, towing or beverage delivery.