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Hyundai H1 Deluxe

Hyundai H1 Deluxe Thailand Dealer and Exporter

Hyundai H-1 Deluxe Thailand VIP Van at Thailand top Van and Minibus Dealer and Exporter

By Jack Kates

2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front2Hyundai H-1 Deluxe has caught the imagination of Thai Luxury Van buyers. For three consecutive years 2008, 2009 and 2010 it won Grand Prix Group's Car of the Year award in Best Luxury Van category. It is also the most sold luxury van in Thailand and a favourite of not only company executive, hotel chains, tour operators and movie stars but also families.

Here is a picture of a Hyundai H-1 Deluxe recently exported to the Caribbean. H1 is large van (5 meter in length) but the rounded windows, the bulging wheel arches, and the oversized vertical brake light cluster give it the look of a sedan. In the inside it is also a beautiful combination of a luxury van with creature comforts of a car.

This full-size MPV (multi purpose vehicle) or Luxury Van is powered by a 2500 cc CRDi (common rail injection turbo) diesel giving amazing fuel economy - of around 8 km/liter in the city and 14-15 km/liter on the highway - for a van this size. It achieves 175 horse power and 392 Nm of torque. Transmission is Automatic. 

H1's curb-weight is 2,200 kg without luggage and passengers. Torque is impressive and turning radius tight. Rear parking sensors abd i-Pad size rear mirrors allows for smooth rear parking.

It is available in a wide variety of colours as Indigo Blue, Stone Black, Hyper Metallic, Soft Beige and the popular Grey Titanium.

Hyundai H-1 Deluxe VIP Van Interior

The van comes with a spacious interior. Despite Four rows and twelve seats one does not feel crowded. The ceiling is lined on two sides with A/C vents providing cool air to all three passenger rows so not only the front row is sufficently cooled but so are all the remaining row. The upholstery is in soft beige leather evoking a sense of luxury. All 12 seats are fitted with seat belts and armrests.

Though it can seat 12, up to nine people can travel in comfort. Double-side sliding doors make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The van shouts luxury through and through.

There is also a touch-screen DVD player up front along with a ceiling-mounted, high-resolution LCD screen for passengers. So if you are looking for an affordable, yet luxurious MPV van then your search is over. It is available now at discounted price at Jim Autos Thailand. Email now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pictures of Hyundai H-1 Deluxe Van

2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front2-side
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front2-side
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-rear 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-rear
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-rear 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-rear
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-right-side 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-side
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-right-side 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-side
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-rims and wheels 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-front seats
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-steering 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-steering
2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-steering 2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-seats
2014-Hyundai-H1-Seats 2014-Hyundai-H1-First row of Seats
2014-Hyundai-H1-engine 2014-Hyundai-H1-engine
2014-Hyundai-H1-instrument panel 2014-Hyundai-H1-engine