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Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Specifications

Specifications of Mazda BT-50 2500 cc Single Cab New 2015 2016 and used 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

By Jack A. Kates

 Single Cab Mazda BT-50 New Generation 2015 Model Single Cab is available in the following three models:

2015 Mazda BT-50 Pro Single Cab Models
2015 Mazda BT-50 4X2 2200 cc S CD Single Cab Diesel UC2MRAA
2015 Mazda BT-50 4X2 2500 cc S CD Single Cab Gasoline
2015 Mazda BT-50 4X2 2500 cc S CD Single Cab Gasoline CNG


Specifications of New 2015 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab 2016

2015 Mazda BT-50 Engine 2016 Specification

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Engine 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve.
Fuel Cooler
Capacity (cc). 2198
Compression ratio 15.5: 1
Bore X Stroke (mm.). 86.0 X 94.6
Max Power (EEC) 
Horsepower (kW) / rpm.
125 (92) / 3700
Maximum torque (EEC) 
N - m / rpm.
320 / 1600-1700
Emission standards Euro 4
Fuel Diesel

2015 Mazda BT-50 Transmission 2016 Specification

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Transmissions 6-speed manual transmission with Up - Shift Indicator.
1 gear ratio 5.441
Gear ratio: 2 2.839
Gear ratio: 3 1.721
Gear ratio: 4 1.223
Gear ratio: 5 1.000
Gear ratio 6 0.794
Reverse 4.935
Differential 3.310

2015 Mazda BT-50 Suspension 2016 Specification

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Suspension Page Double wishbone With coil springs, stabilizer and shock absorber 2 stroke (Tubular Double Acting).
After Double leaf springs and shock absorbers 2 stroke (Double Acting) cross diagonally.
Diesel- Rack and pinion Power assisted labor ERS.
Turning Radius (m.). 5.9
Brake Systems Page Ventilated disc. With dual piston calipers.
After Drum brakes with automatic brake pressure.

2015 Mazda BT-50 Dimensions 2016 Specification

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Length (mm.). 5,277
Width (mm.). 1,850
Height (mm.). 1,703
Wheelbase (mm.). 3,220
The distance between the front / rear (mm.). 1,590 / 1,590
Minimum ground clearance (mm.). 201
Dimensional body length x width x height (mm.). 1,560 x 2,317 x 513
Fuel tank capacity (liters). 80

2015 Mazda BT-50 External 2016 Specifications

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Black front bumper  
Black color  
Black Mirror  
Door handles and black end caps.  
Mudguards, front / rear  
Tire Size 215/70 R16
Alloy wheels Steel
Wheel size 16X6.5J

2015 Mazda BT-50 Internal 2016 Specifications

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
MID driver information display digital.  
Adjustable steering  
The shade of the driver / passenger.  
Cabin lights
Power socket 12V 2 position.
Audio Radio 1 CD. MP3 WMA
AUX connector
Loudspeaker 2
Seat material Vinyl
Number of seats Three
Front seat Separate seat Reclining 
60:40 split bench
Headrest adjustable height.
Bottle holder, center console
Air conditioning

2015 Mazda BT-50 Security 2016 Specifications

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.2 S
Immobilizer Keyless  
Side impact beams
Driver's side airbag
ELR The automatic pull back 3 point 2  
ELR 2 point 1.

2015 Mazda BT-50 CNG 2016 Specifications

GenerationA 2 wheel drive
2.5 S CNG
CNG Natural Gas A Type I (150 liters). 
CNG as fuel system Injection (Sequential Injection System).

Specifications of Used 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

Here are specifications of used 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Mazda BT-50 2.5 Liter Single Cab Diesel Mazda BT-50 Pickup Truck:

Mazda BT-50 Engine

EngineDiesel 2,500 CC Common-Rail Turbo Intercooler (WLC)
Type 4 cylinders, 16-valve overhead camshaft Turbo with Intercooler
Displacement (cc) 2,499
Compression ratio 18.0 : 1
Bore x Stroke (mm) 93.0 x 92.0
Max output (EEC) (horsepower/kilowatt/RPM) 143 / 105 / 3,500
Max torque (EEC) (n-m/rpm) 330 / 1,800
Emission standard Euro Level 3


Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Drive Train

Drive Train4x2 Commonrail S
Diesel engine MZR-CD 2,500 CC Turbo Intercooler (WLC)
Transmission 5 Speed Manual Transmission
Clutch Hydraulic Clutch with spring-pressing diafram, single sheet
First gear ratio 3.905
Second gear ratio 2.248
Third gear ratio 1.491
Fourth gear ratio 1
Fifth gear ratio 0.8
Reverse gear ratio 3.391
Final gear ratio 3.416


Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Suspension

Suspension4x2 Commonrail S
Front suspension Independent McPherson strut with coil spring and double acting shock absorbers (Tubular double acting)
Rear suspension Rigid, Leaf spring , Torsion bar stabilizer*, Double acting shock absorber
Steering Type (except standard 2.5 S) Ball and nut (Power assisted) ERS
Min turning radius (kerb to kerb) (metres) 6.0
Front brakes Ventilated disc brakes
Rear brakes Drum , Leading trailing with auto adjuster and LSPV


Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Exterior

Exterior4x2 Commonrail S
Front bumper Black
Front grill (Body colour) Black
Rear bumper (Body colour) -
Side mirror (Body colour) -
Door handle (Body colour) -
Tail gate handle (Body colour) -
Side steps -
Tinted rearview and side window check-mark
F.& R. mud flap check-mark
Color over fender (w/ mud flap) -
Tyres 215/70 R15
Road wheel Steel
Tyre size 15X6-1/2J


Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Interior

Interior4x2 Commonrail S
Power window , One touch ; DRV. (up&down) -
Power door lock -
Side mirror adj. drv.&pass. electric remote control -
Side Mirror Power Fold -
Bright int. handle -
Tachometer check-mark
Silver meter ring -
Fuel empty lamp check-mark
Power steering check-mark
Adjustable steering -
F. wiper intermittent :Timing adjustable check-mark
PVC+silver shift knob -
Driver sunvisor check-mark
Passenger sunvisor check-mark
INT. mirror ; day/night check-mark
Front room lamp check-mark
Spot lamp -
Audio system Radio + 1 CD + MP3
Speaker quantity 2
Interior color tone Grey
Seat material vinyl
Number of seats 3
Front seat Sofa style with armrest
Front drt.&pass. reclining -
Front seat headrest separate;up&down adj. check-mark
Integral rear seat headrest -
Front cup holder check-mark
Side door pocket; drv.&pass w/petbottle hold check-mark
Lighter, ashtray with lid -
Front seat back pocket ; passengers seat only -
Coin box check-mark
Glove box illumination & key cylinder check-mark
Remote fuel filter door release check-mark
A/C check-mark


Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Safety

Safety4x2 Commonrail S
4W-ABS With EBD -
Dual air bag and side air bag -
Keyless entry with retractable key: 2 Keys -
Burglar alarm system -
Jam protection (Driver) -
Side impact bar check-mark
Rear window defogger -
LSD Differential -
Front safety belt ELR 3 points 2 sets, 2 points 1 set
Rear safety belt ELR 3 points 2 sets, 2 points 1 sets -
Front fog light -
Turn lamp @ side mirror -
High mount stop lamp -
Color side protector mldg. -

Used Mazda BT-50 Single Cab Exporter

Used Mazda BT-50 Single Cab 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 BT-50 Single Cab Exporter Jim

By Jack A. Kates

mazdasingleJim is not only Thailand largest Mazda BT-50 Extra Cab exporter, Thailand's largest Smart Cab exporter and Thailand's largest Double Cab exporter but also Thailand's largest new Mazda BT-50 Single Cab exporter and Thailand's largest used Mazda BT-50 Single Cab exporter.

Single Cab or Standard Cab has the largest bed of all pick-up truck configurations and is therefore ideal for work situations where a lot of moving heavy stuff is involved. Single Cab Mazda BT-50 is used in construction sites and is ubiquitious in farms. factories and mines. It is also used by many militaries to move soldiers and weapons from one place to another.

You can purchase your new Single Cab 2WD or used Single Cab 2WD from our Thailand office but if your preference is 4WD Single Cab then our Australian and UK offices can get you Single Cab 4WD BT-50 in new and used. Our Dubai office can provide you Left hand drive Mazda BT-50 Single Cab as well as Double Cab.

Mazda BT50 Single Cab Exporter

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab New 2014 2015 and Used 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

By Jack A. Kates

BT-50-Single-CabMazda BT-50 Single Cab Thailand is a thing of beauty. 

Jim Autos Thailand is Thailand's largest exporter of Single Cab Mazda BT-50 pick-up trucks. BT-50 Single Cabs are on sale for sale at world's largest Single Cab exporter. Single Cab Mazda BT-50 is available from Thailand in 2200 cc. It is a beautiful beast as despite its good looks, it carries its full share of load.

Jim excels in providing New Model 2014 2015 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab from Thailand as well as New Model 2013 Mazda BT-50 4WD from United Kingdom and Australia. Mazda BT-50 is available in Single Cab 2WD, Extra Cab 2WD, Extra Smart Cab 4x4, Double Cab 2WD and Double Cab 4WD in Thailand. In Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom Toyota Single Cab is available in both 2WD and 2WD while you get Extra and Double Cab in 4x4. Whether you are looking for Mazda BT-50, Mazda BT-50 Jim can provide them.

The 4x2 Single Cab Chassis XT is equipped with everything you need to get the job done. Its 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine provides all the power and torque you'll ever need and more. The Single Cab is packed with technology, loaded with safety equipment and boasts a generous payload and large braked towing capacity ensuring it'll carry whatever you need and keep you safe while you are driving it.

Single Cab BT-50 Exterior

mazda bt50 diesel single cabThe Mazda BT-50’s sporty and athletic styling reflects beauty and a level of high quality that clearly identifies the Mazda BT-50 as the new-generation pickup truck built to satisfy active lifestyles. Clean, flowing body contours wrap around the relaxing expanse of the cabin to create a modern, sophisticated look that also inherits the tough expression of its Mazda pickup heritage.

A new rear combination lamp shares the clean and sporty design motif of the headlamp.

Single Cab BT-50 Interior

2012-mazda-bt50-interior2The Mazda BT-50 features a bright and spacious interior environment that brings a new level of sedan like comfort and convenience to every occupant.

The ambience in the car whilst driving at night is now enhanced by an orange light on the dash that illuminates the audio functions and speedometer console.

There is an added Auxillary power outlet for iPods or mobile fridge and other gadgetry that require power. This adds to the comfort that accompanies the ride in the Mazda BT-50.

These cosmetic changes are meant to refresh the look of the vehicle so that it moves with the times in terms of aesthetic appeal

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BT50 Single Cab Exporter

Mazda BT-50 Thailand Single Cab Dealer of Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

By Jack A. Kates

bt-50-single-cab-smallJim is BT-50 Single Cab dealer and exporter of new 2015 2016 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab and used 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab in 2WD. We also offer Single Cab 4WD in new and used from our Australia and UK branches. Mazda BT-50 Single Cab car is available in 2200 cc Diesel.

Diesel Single Cab Mazda BT-50 is very popular. It is designed to transition from city's winding tarmac to the most challenging off-road tracks, and it's full of excitement. It allows you to escape from the urban jungle and enjoy all the action and adventure the great outdoors has to offer.

The 2200 cc turbo diesel engine provides you with all the power and torque you'll ever need and more. A rugged frame and suspension is complemented by driver assist technologies. Mazda BT-50 Single Cab is packed with safety gear and also features impressive load carrying ability with an impressive braked towing capacity.

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab is available in both Right hand drive and Left Hand Drive. From its excellent performance to its comfortable interior, the Mazda BT-50 Single Cab is a workhorse you can count on when the going gets tough. The new BT-50 with a choice of engines. The Mazda BT-50 demonstrates that it not only looks the goods, but can do the job. On the outside, the BT-50 range has a big, tough, powerful stance.

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab will go as far as you dare to push it. On or off road the BT-50 is fit for the job. If you encounter an unexpected situation you don't want to rely on luck, you want to be prepared. That's the philosophy behind BT-50's extensive range of safety features.

Single Cab pick-up trucks are great for hauling large amount of loads are are workhorses in mines, war-fields, factories, farms and businesses of all types.


Mazda BT50 Single Cab Pickup For Sale

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab pick-up Truck Diesel and Mazda BT-50 Gasoline Single Cab On Sale Fors Sale at Thailand largest Pickup Truck exporter, Dealer, Supplier and Seller

By Jack A. Kates

mazdabt50-singlecab-gunmetalblue-front-short2014 2015 Mazda BT-50 in Thailand is available at Bangkok Thailand largest importer, dealer, seller, supplier and exporter of Mazda BT-50 - Jim Autos Thailand. Mazda BT-50 Single Cab is a versatile workhorse that takes a lot of punishing load with nary a complaint and get looks wherever it goes because of its appealing good looks. Beauty and the Beast all in one package.

We sell not only brand New 2014 2015 pickup trucks but also High Quality used Japanese and American Cars pick-up Trucks and SUVs from Thailand. Mazda BT-50 is our specialty. We specialize in new and used Cars From Thailand, new and used pick-up Trucks from Thailand and new and used SUVs from Thailand. Mazda BT-50 is one of our larger export. Mazda BT-50 Double Cab in new and used sells the most followed by Mazda BT-50 Smart Cab. Mazda Single Cab also known as Mazda BT-50 Standard Cab pick-up Truck is a great workhorse. 2200 cc Single Cab 2WD Mazda BT-50 Pickup Truck has a lot of power and torque and is chock full of technologies.

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