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Ethiopia Car Import Export

Ethiopia Vehicle Duty

Vehicles IMport Duty in Ethiopia

February 2012

Duty is tariff collected on the value of the good calculated on the basis of its actual total costs. It is levied in accordance with the rules of the international convention on the harmonized customs description and coding system. Sur-tax applies on all imported goods, except those exempted by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 133/2007 at 10 percent rate.

Excise tax is paid on imported goods with a percentage rate ranging from 0 to as high as 100. VAT on imported goods is a flat rate of 15 %. A 3 percent withholding tax applies also on imported goods. These taxes are calculated based on the cost and freight rate. But the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority provides its own CD with details on prices on various goods. The rate is usually calculated as per the price on the CD.This CD is to be updated every three months.

Some imported goods are restricted and require the importer to secure permission from the competent authority.

Here is Duty and taxes applicable on import of vehicles in Ethiopia:

Vehicles with spark–ignition engine of cylinder capacity of 1000-1300cc

Unit of measurement: unit
Duty Rate: 35%
Excise Tax: 30%
VAT: 15%
Sur Tax: 10%
Withholding tax: 3%

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Information about Ethiopia

Thailand  largest new and used car 4WD vigo triton exporter to EgytpSituated in eastern Africa, Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssinia) has an area of approximately 1,127,127 sq km (435,186 sq mi), with a length of 1,639 km (1,018 mi) E–W and a width of 1,577 km (980 mi) N–S. Comparatively, the area occupied by Ethiopia is slightly less than twice the size of the state of Texas. It is bounded on the N by Eritrea, on the NE by Djibouti, on the E and SE by Somalia, on the S by Kenya, and on the W by Sudan, with a total boundary length of 5,328 km (3,311 mi). The Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia is claimed by Somalia and has been the subject of sporadic military conflict between the two nations since 1961; the southeastern boundary has never been demarcated. Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa, is located near the center of the country.

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