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Hyundai H1

Hyundai H1 Dealer and Exporter

Hyundai H-1 Van Thailand Dealer and Exporter. RHD LHD Hyundai H1. H1 Van and Starex VIP Dubai UAE, UK, Australia

By Jack Kates

2014-Hyundai-H1-Deluxe-frontJim is Thailand's top dealer and export of Hyundai H-1 van from Thailand. Full range of Hyundai vehicles are available from export from our Thailand, Dubai UAE, United Kingdom and Australia offices in new and used, Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive.

In Thailand Hyundai H-1 is available in three configurations: Hyundai H-1 Touring, Hyundai H-1 Executive and Hyundai H-1 Deluxe. The VIP version of Hyundai H-1 is called Hyundai Starex. Hyundai Starex VIP Van is available in two configurations: Hyundai Grand Starex VIP van and Hyundai Grand Starex Premium

Hyundai H1 is Beautiful Van and Wagon

It is hard to classify a H-1 as it is both a Van as well as a Wagon. Turning heads wherever you go, the H-1 Bus gives you and your passengers a superior driving performance experience in a stylish vehicle. This sophisticated wagon looks great and lets people know that you mean business. It is certainly not your parent's Hyundai. It is time to change one'a attitudes about Hyundai and owning an H-1 will do so elegantly, inexpensively and conveniently.

Hyundai H-1 Highlights

australia-best-car h1-is-van-and-wagon

"Australia's best car"

The Hyundai H-1 has been awarded "Australia's best cars awards" in the people mover category by the Australian automobile association for two years in a row.

Versatility of van and wagon

For maximized practicality, H-1 van comes with twin swing gate at the rear while wagon is equipped with standard hatch-style door.

Hyundai H1 seat adjustment hyundai-h1-exterior

H-1 Seat Adjustment

Drivers can use the interior space more practically with the seat variation feature

Hyundai H-1 Exterior

- Headlamps - Rear combination lamps - Fog lamps

Hyundai H1 Interior Hyundai H1 Performance and Engine

Hyundai H-1 Interior

- Interior color package - Seat adjustment

Hyundai H-1 Performance

- 2.4 MPi gasoline engine - Transmission - Suspension - Manoeuvers made easy

Hyundai H1 Interior Hyundai H1 Performance and Engine

Hyundai H-1 Safety

- Airbag system - Disc brakes

Hyundai H-1 Convenience

- Air conditioning system - Back-up warning system - AUX Terminal

Hyundai H1 Exterior

H-1 is the answer when a regular, car-based station wagon is just not big enough. The strong, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior. And because it’s a Hyundai, reliability and economy are part of the DNA.

Hyundai H1 Headlamps

The characteristic headlamps shape, gracefully flared into the bodywork, marks H-1 as a member of the Hyundai family


Rear Combination Lamp

The lamp clusters wrap around the sides and group together the rear lamps, reversing lamps, direction indicators and reflectors


Fog Lamps

The wagon versions feature a pair of fog lamps, which are neatly blended into the lower section of the front bumper.


More Exterior Features of Hyundai H1

hyundai-h1-exterior-tilting-door hyundai-h1-exterior-double-swing-rear-doors hyundai-h1-exterior-roof-antenna

Tilting doors

The hinge mountings allow the front doors to open at a distinct angle in order to help the front seat occupants to get into and out of the vehicle more easily.

Double swing rear doors

For maximized practicality, customer can choose double swing rear doors as option in van model.

Roof antenna

Good radio reception in all areas is virtually certain thanks to the fitment as standard of a roof-mounted antenna..

hyundai-h1-exterior-window-controls hyundai-h1-exterior-chrome-radiator grille hyundai-h1-exterior-door-garnish-molding

H1 Window controls

The multi-seat wagon versions of the H-1 are available with flush-fitting side windows for improved aesthetics and quietness.

Chrome-coated radiator grille

A touch of class is added in most markets with an attractive chrome-coated to the now traditional Hyundai radiator grille.

Door garnish molding

The top model wagons are available with this attractive door garnish molding between the wheels.


3-way washer jets

There are 3-high pressure nozzles available to spray washer fluid on to the windshield when it becomes dirty



Hyundai H-1 Interior


Variety is the Spice of Life

Comfortable and convenient, spacious and flexible, stylish and luxurious – welcome to the 12-seater H-1. In this quiet cocoon of sanity, the driver and passengers lack nothing of any substance. The general sense of roominess is helped by having the gear lever located on the central console, thus helping to create a full-length floor that is flat and safe.

Seat Adjustment

Clever design allows the seats to be tipped up, slid or reclined. Whatever the circumstances, there’s certain to be a combination to suit your requirements. (Seat adjustment may vary according to countries.)



Hyundai H-1 Additional Interior Features

hyundai-h1-interior-power-controls hyundai-h1-interior-multi-switch-panel hyundai-h1-interior-floor-console

Power window controls

Typical of the attention to detail, the driver’s door armrest neatly incorporates the switches for the power window controls and inside rear-view mirror adjustment.

Multi-switch panel

There are more neat design touches on the fascia panel for the controls for the fog lamps and the cluster

Floor console

A cubby hole for oddments between the rear seats on some models doubles as an open tray and a holder for a couple of drinks

hyundai-h1-interior-sun-visor hyundai-h1-interior-overhead-console hyundai-h1-interior-electronic-chrome-mirror

Sun visor

The sun visor on the driver’s side doubles as a handy pocket for toll tickets and delivery documents

Overhead console

Overhead console serves as a drop-down container for a pair of sunglasses and some map-reading lamps.

Electric chromic mirror (ECM)

The inside rear-view mirror of the wagon is an electronic chromatic type that automatically dips when dazzled by a following vehicle’s headlamp main beamss

hyundai-h1-interior-room-lamp hyundai-h1-interior-cup holders hyundai-h1-interior-door-courtesy-lamps

Room lamp

The cabin can be illuminated by a choice of 6-ambient colors thanks to the roof-mounted LED room lamps.

Cup holders

The console between the driver and front seat passenger is available with a retractable holder for a couple of bottles or cups.

Door courtesy lamps

The trailing edges of the wagon’s front doors have built-in courtesy lamps come on when the doors are opened.s

hyundai-h1-interior-4th-row-seat-adjustment hyundai-h1-interior-storage-system

4th row seat adjustment

In the 12-seater version of the wagon, the 4th row seat adjustment to yield more space for cargo.

Storage system (door)

For all the magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys, the front doors feature a clever combination of dual pockets