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Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser Dealer Exporter

Toyota FJ Cruiser Right hand drive from Australia and FJ Cruiser LHD from Dubai and US Dealer Exporter. New 2014 FJ Cruiser and Used RHD LHD 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 FJ Cruiser

By Jack A. Kates

toyota fjcruiserToyota FJ Cruiser is available in Right Hand Drive from our Australia and Japan offices and Left Hand Drive from our Dubai UAE and United States offices.

The name F J Cruiser is a little bit familiar, and so is the badge on the front. The FJ Cruiser is spiritual successor to the original FJ40, it is infused with over 50 years of 4WD heritage: FJ Cruiser from Toyota. The All New 2014 FJ Cruiser has the same legendary off-road abilities as the older 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser, and with Toyota’s famous rugged durability, but now with a totally new attitude. There are persistent rumors that FJ Cruiser in Left Hand Drive will be discontinued after 2014, if this turns out to be true then this new Classic will be a collector item and time to purchase them is now. Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get either new Toyota FJ Cruiser in Right Hand Drive or Left hand Drive or used FJ Cruiser from our Australia, Japan and United States offices.

All New 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Video

Here is a video Jim Autos Thailand created to profile exterior, interior, powertrain and safety features and specifications of brand new 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser and its place in Toyota Land Cruiser family. On this site you can also find video on New 2014 Toyota Prado Facelift Model.

FJ Cruiser Uniquely Rugged Design

fj-cruiser-retro-looksWith legendary off road abilities, the new FJ Cruiser has a uniquely rugged car design - with an iconic white roof, round headlamps integrated within the front grille, wrap-around rear windows and over fenders. This modern evolution of the classic FJ40 lines pays homage to the automotive legend of 4WD adventures. Privacy glass Keep your belongings securely hidden with privacy glass on the FJ Cruiser's rear side, quarter and back windows. The tinted glass adds to the sporty car design and also makes it difficult for anyone to view the interior of your vehicle - helping deter unwelcome attention, and protecting your luggage and equipment.


FJ Cruiser Colors

FJ Cruiser is available in following colours in Australia: Sandstorm, Ebony, Jungle Green, Orange Clay, Retro Blue, Cement and French Vanilla.

toyota-fj-cruiser-sand storm

toyota-fj-cruiser-ebony black


toyota-fj-cruiser-Orange Clay

toyota-fj-cruiser-Retro Blue



FJ Cruiser 17 inch alloy wheels

fj-cruiser-17-inch-alloy-wheelsThe FJ Cruiser has a tough car design that reflects its no-nonsense attitude - with features such as large 17 inch alloy wheels, a unique front grille, over fenders, and round headlamps. While the overall look of the car is a tribute to its heritage, additions like alloy wheels give it a distinctly contemporary edge.

FJ Cruiser Car underbody protection

The underside of the FJ Cruiser is built with rugged conditions in mind - with three skid plates that help keep the radiator, power steering rack, engine and transfer case out of harm's way.

FJ Cruiser water-repellent seat seats

fj-cruiser-water-resistant-water-repellent-seatExplore the toughest terrains without worrying about damaging your FJ Cruiser's interior - thanks to features like water-repellent seats. Water-repellent fabric has been used to cover the FJ Cruiser's seats, meaning you can easily wipe off dirt and water. A urethane film has also been incorporated under the fabric to prevent dampness.

FJ Cruiser Halogen headlamps

fj-cruiser-ebony-front-headlampsRound halogen headlamps and the Toyota badge across the front grille show how the car design of the FJ Cruiser pays tribute to its FJ40 heritage. However, these halogen headlamps also provide great illumination to help you find your way. They feature separate reflectors for the high and low beams in a traditional round unit to enhance light distribution and provide excellent night time visibility.

FJ Cruiser Rear fog lamp

In fact, a range of lamps assist the FJ's visibility - no matter what tough conditions you're in. The rear turn signal lamps are integrated into the rear bumper, while the stop/tail lamp assembly echoes the style of the original FJ40's reflector housing.

FJ Cruiser interior Cargo anchor points

fj-cruiser-cargo-anchor-pointsPerfect for serious off-road adventures, the FJ Cruiser includes a large versatile cargo area at the rear - where you can store all of your supplies and equipment. And when you're facing the toughest terrains, the FJ Cruiser has four tie-down points in the floor of its cargo area, to ensure your supplies can be securely tied down and don't move about the cabin.

FJ Cruiser glass hatch rear window

Smart and convenient car design is one of FJ Cruiser's key strengths. For instance, a glass hatch on the rear window of the FJ Cruiser enables you to easily access the rear cargo area - without needing to open the door.

FJ Cruiser interior Driver passenger armrests

On long adventures, elements of comfort can make a real difference. It's why you'll find the FJ Cruiser has padded armrests for the driver and front passenger.

FJ Cruiser Rear access doors

fj-cruiser-rear-access-doorGetting in and out of the FJ Cruiser different to any other 4WD. Unique rear access can be doors opened when you open either of the front doors. This means no climbing over front seat passengers or awkward clambering to get into the car. Instead, your rear seat passengers can quickly and easily enter the car and get into their seats - ready for any adventure.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Petrol XCEED Auto

Toyota FJ Cruiser 4000 cc Gasoline Petrol XCEED Auto available from our Dubai, Oman and United States office

Toyota FJ Cruiser Xceed Auto is a 5 door SUV known for its powerful 4000 cc engine, its robust look and its superb performance. Email us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all Toyota models including FJ Cruiser.

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