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Jamaica Car Import Export

used Cars for Sale in Jamaica

used Cars for Sale in Jamaica

used cars for sale in Jamaica are available at world's largest LHD RHD car, 4WD, luxury car, van, minibus, truck, bus and machinery exporter. We have been buying and selling quality new and used vehicles since 1911 and have myriad of satisfied customers all over Jamaica. Some of our services include Car Buying and Selling, Cars bought for cash, Sale on Commission, car search, export worldwide and preparation of export documentation. used Cars are always on sale at world's largest used Car Dealer and world's largest new car dealer and exporter.

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Cars For Sale Jamaica

Jamaica cars for sale, Jamaica 4WD pick-up for sale, Kingston Jamaica SUV for sale at Thailand, Australia, UK and Dubai largest new used car dealer and exporter

By Jack Kates

Information about Jamaica

Thailand  largest new and used car 4WD vigo triton exporter to JamaicaJamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea situated about 145 km (90 mi) S of Cuba. It has a total area of 10,990 sq km (4,243 sq mi) and extends, at maximum, 235 km (146 mi) N–S and 82 km (51 mi) E–W. Comparatively, the area occupied by Jamaica is slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut. The total coastline is 1,022 km (634 mi). It is considered a part of the West Indies. Two major cities are Kingston and Montego Bay. Some important towns are Spanish Town,Portmore, Old Harbour, May Pen, Port Antonio, Linstead, Constant Spring, Savanna-la-Mar, Santa Cruz and Saint Ann's Bay,

People of Jamaica like their cars

Folks in Jamaica West Indies like their cars, 4WD pick-up trucks, 4WD SUVs, vans, trucks and buses. They want them to be of highest quality but are always on the look out for Jamaica Cars For Sale and Jamaica 4WD Pick-up trucks for sale and Jamaica SUV for sale. Most buyers will buy in the local market as they can touch and feel the vehicle and have it right away if they like a particular car or pick-up truck. Many dealers in Jamaica offer cars, luxury cars, vans, bus, truck, pick-up truck or SUVs on sale so there is always a car to be found in a person’s budget. Whether you are in Kingston, Jamaica or Montego Bay, Jamaica or in some small or large town and looking for a deal or new or used car or truck an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can get your vehicle of your dream. If you are looking for Toyota For Sale in Jamaica whether it be Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota RAV4, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Camry or any other Toyota you have come to the right place.

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Jamaica 20% Duty Concession Terms

Terms and Conditions for applying for the 20% Motor Vehicle Concession


  1. The concession is applicable to motor cars as defined in Section 11 of the Road Traffic Act, which are imported or purchased by traveling officers.
  2. The concession is applicable to cars with an engine displacement not exceeding 3000 cc for cars using gasoline and 3200 cc for cars using diesel fuel. Cars exceeding these limits will not qualify for the benefit.
  3. The 20% Duty Concession will apply to a maximum CIF Value of US$25, 000, with full duties/SCT/GCT being payable on the excess thereof.
  4. Applicants must be officers appointed and confirmed in a traveling post in the public service and are in receipt of or eligible for full upkeep, commuted or fixed allowance;
  5. The age of the car being purchased should be under three (3) years; Commercial vehicles are not allowed.
  6. Traveling officers are eligible once every five (5) years for a duty concession from date of importation of the last concession car;
  7. It is a requirement that where a concession is utilized, claims for upkeep allowance and traveling can only be made in respect of the most recent concession car; Claims for upkeep and traveling allowance in respect of any other vehicle will not be honoured.

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What Cars you can import into Jamaica

Which Vehicles You Can Import in Jamaica

An import license is required for import of most vehicles. The only exceptions are trucks lager than 3 tons, tractor heads and trailers as one can import them without an Import Licence. Further information regarding Import Licences may be obtained from the Trade Board Limited, 107 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 or 30 Market Street Montego Bay, St. James. All other vehicles must have a Import License. You can also find them online at

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How to Import a vehicle in Jamaica

Import, Insure and Register your own vehicle in Jamaica

It is actually pretty easy to import a vehicle into Jamaica. Here are 9 steps you would have to take to get the vehicle imported, custom cleared, insured and registered in Jamaica. Since duties have jsut recently been haled there has neber been a better time to import your own vehicle from Jim Autos Thaialnd, Jim Autos Austrlia and Jim Autos United Kingdom. Here are the steps

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