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Toyota Hilux Australia

Toyota Hilux Australia Range

Toyota Hilux Australia Range at Australia top car dealer and exporter

By Jack Kates

Toyota Hilux is available in three configurations: Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab.

Toyota Hilux Single Cab Australia

Toyota Hilux Single Cab in Australia is available in three configurations

  • Toyota Hilux WorkMate 2WD Single-Cab 2700 cc Petrol Gasoline Cab-Chassis (Tray not included)
  • Toyota Hilux WorkMate 4WD Single-Cab 3000 cc Diesel Cab-Chassis (Tray not included)
  • Toyota Hilux SR 2WD Single-Cab 4000 cc Gasoline Petrol

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Toyota Hilux Design

Toyota Hilux Design

Toyota HiLux is legendary for its rugged durability, but it also needs to carry your team in comfort and style.

Every aspect of the HiLux car design has been thought through, from the multiple body types and seating capacity options and ergonomic design, to cup holders, and all the storage space you could need. With a HiLux on your team, working hard doesn't have to mean roughing it.

Toyota Hilux Design: Storage Compartments

Toyota Hilux Design: Storage Compartments

Because the HiLux is designed to deal with just about anything you throw at it, it's got loads of great storage options. For starters you'll find a large moulded pocket on the front door across the range. There are also handy storage compartments in the dash, in the rear door pockets (Double-Cab), the back-quarter panels (Extra-Cab), under the rear seats (Extra & Double-Cabs) and in the centre console (where fitted). For the ultimate in practicality, the SR5 range even offers an overhead storage compartment, fitted flush to the ceiling, and providing integrated map lamps.

The HiLux provides cabin space for up to six adults in some manual Double-Cab models, up to four adults in the Extra-Cab models and up to three adults in some Single-Cab models. With the whole crew on board, you'll be glad of all those sensible storage options. With its slim-profile and ergonomic seating you even get additional legroom and space between occupants. And even when you have a full team on board, the rear seats in the Extra-Cab and Double-Cab models have additional under seat storage.

Toyota Hilux Design: Hilux Body Types

Toyota Hilux Design: Hilux Body Types

Toyota HiLux in Australia is available in many different body type configurations to suit different requirements. There are three models; the WorkMate, SR and SR5, and three body styles - Single-cab, Extra-cab and Double-cab. There are three different engine options, the 2.7-litre petrol, 4.0-litre V6 petrol and 3.0-litre turbo diesel. You can also choose between the 2WD workhorse and the genuine 4x4. All models feature rust resistant steel sheets throughout the paneling and highly rigid and lightweight body structures. Every HiLux has a 1-piece chassis with a thick side rail and strategic reinforcements for maximum torsion rigidity, off-road stability and ride comfort.

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Toyota Hilux Design: Cup Holders

Toyota Hilux Design: Cup Holders

With up to four cup holders and four bottle holders (on Double-Cab 2WD automatic models), the HiLux has room for everyone's drink. You'll find large drink holders thoughfully placed throughout - all doors include a bottle holder, while two cup holders slide out of the dash for front passengers. The centre console (when equipped) has two cup holders for rear passengers and up to two (depending on model) for front passengers. It's simply another way the HiLux offers you the best of practicality and design.

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