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Hino 300 Series XZU | Table

Hino 300 Series 3 XZU Light Duty Truck

Hino 300 Series 3 XZU Light Duty Commercial Truck 4.5 Ton to 8.5 ton Trucks from Thailand top Truck, Car, Van and Bus Exporter dealer

By Jack Kates

Hino Series 3 XZU 4 Wheel and 6 Wheel Small Truck is Supremely Economical

with sport and compact design With swiftness designed for use in city Fully loaded and with low fuel consumption with high performance Hino’s new commonrail engine makes your investment worthwhile. Hino Series 3 is Available in 5 models suitable for different using styles

Series 300 Truck TypeHino Truck
4 Wheels Hino XZU600R 4500 kg 2,560 mm. 4009 cc 136 hp N04C-VA 5 Speed 4x2
6 Wheel small Hino XZU600R 6,500 kg 4,0091503,082
Hino XZU650R (T&S) 7,000 kg 4,009 cc 150 hp 4,375 mm
6 wheel small truck 8500 kg Hino XZU710R(T&S) 8,500 kg4,009 cc 150 hp 4,452 mm
Hino XZU720R 8,500 kg 4,009 cc 150 hp 5,070 mm

Beautiful HINO design style that increases aerodynamic performance both to the front and back of the cab.

Modern Design of Series 3 Truck

Series 300 is modern, compact, strong and durable.


 Safe Driving and Durable

• SRS Airbag (Supplemental Restraint System). An airbag on the driver’s side works together with a 3-point safety belt which is automatically pulled back to prevent direct impact with the airbag during an accident. 
• Smaller A column design for better vision and better safety for other vehicles 
• Safety steel bar at door is strong, and is designed to reduce damage when having an accident and providing better safety for both driver and passenger.
• New halogen headlight design together with fog lamp designed to be projected at long distance so as to increase driving safety.
• Liftable cab with double safety lock (Lift angle 45 degrees) to allow ease of maintenance and better safety.
• Big fuel tank size of 80 liters (for model XZU600R-4W and XZU600R) and 100 liter size (for model XZU650R) with lockable fuel cap inside cab in every model. 
• Daily inspection at only 3 points means it’s easy to inspect and increases confidence before starting a journey. The checkpoints are wiper water level, cooling water level and engine oil level.

• Single piece, thick and large chassis frame, strong, excellent durability for stress, torque and pulling force. Able to bear loads at all points including along carriage body for full load operation resulting in increasing of profits to your business
• Exhaust gas brakes increase brake efficiency on slippery roads or when driving down slopes (standard to all models).
• Bigger cab with wider foot stand making it more comfortable and safer up and down from the cab with handle (for model XZU710R and XZU720R).
• Radial tire with tube, size 7.00R16-12PR (for model XZU600R-4W and XZU600R).
• Radial tire without tube, size 205/85R16 (for model XZU650R).
• Canvas tire size 7.50-16-14PR (for model XZU710R and XZU720R).


Interior: Perfectly Elegant with multi-functional features

Designed for driver and passenger to be comforable along the journey. Bigger passenger cabin (for model XZU71 and XZU72).
• New leather seat material for more comfort, designed to have inclined guide rail for longer sliding distance and to fit with body of driver and passenger (model XZ).
• DENSO” air conditioner, standard from the factory gives cool air throughout the cabin
• Radio with CD/MP3 player brand “Fujisu Ten”, a world-class entertainment device manufacturer, which allows for surround sound for enjoyment along the journey.
• New odometer and modern panel with beautiful design, display in digital mode consisting of fuel gauge, cooling water temperature gauge, and odometer (model XZ). 
• Adjustable power steering makes it easy to fit with the individual physique of the driver.
• Foldable gear shaft is more comfortable when moving inside the cabin from one side to the other and is safer when the upward or downward movement for any particular circumstance is required.
• 8 point multipurpose compartment is more comfortable with many compartments at console, door, overhead and middle seat that can be folded to form cup holder, along with a shelf, and 2 hanger positions.
XZU dials        

 Hino Series 3 XZU Light Duty Truck Performance with the Premium engine

 Premium commonrail direct injection engine with turbo intercooler system 4009 cc

• N04C-VA (for model XZU600R-4W) powerful and economical with maximum torque of 136 HP. 
• New! N04C-VB (for models XZU600R, XZU650R, XZU710R and XZU720R) powerful and more profit with maximum torque of 150HP.

Series 5 XZU Exterior: New Cab Design

 New 6 Speed gear MYY65 (for XZU71 and XZU72)

Increases transmission system performance and allows for greater fuel savings.