Toyota Hilux Tiger Thailand

Toyota Hilux Tiger 1998-2004

Toyota shifted production from the Hilux Mighty-X (fifth generation) to the Hilux Tiger (sixth generation) in the late 1990s and made Thailand the global export hub. The Thailand-made Hilux Tiger went through the following versions. All of these are available at Jim Autos Thailand:
1998–1999 – Hilux Tiger with the 3.0l 5L engine
2000–2001 – Hilux Tiger with the 3.0l 5L-E EFI engine
2001 – Hilux Tiger with 1KZ engine (short lived replaced right away with D4D engine)
Late 2001-late 2004 – Hilux Tiger SportCruiser with D4D engine[9]


n 2005, Toyota ceased production of the Hilux truck for the Japanese market. This was the last generation Hilux to be available (or built) in Japan.


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