Taxfree Car Sales Export to Individuals, NGO, Governments, Militaries, Diplomats and Dealer

Jim is taxfree sales exporter and dealer. We are Thailand taxfree Car sales exporter, Dubai UAE taxfree Car sales exporter, Japan taxfree Car sales exporter,  Australia taxfree Car sales exporter, United Kingdom taxfree Car sales exporter and United States taxfree Car sales exporter.

Taxfree exports to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas

We offer you full range of new and used taxfree right hand drive vehicles and new taxfree left hand drive vehicles for Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacific and the Americas.

Taxfree Vehicles to not only diplomats but to individuals, dealerships and governments

While diplomats, UN staffers and military personnel all over the world are entitled to taxfree import of vehicles and we gladly supply full range of Toyota taxfree vehicles, Mitsubishi taxfree vehicles, Nissan taxfree vehicles, Ford taxfree vehicles, Audi taxfree vehicles, Honda taxfree vehicles, Suzuki taxfree vehicles, Hyundai taxfree vehicles, Kia taxfree vehicles, Isuzu taxfree vehicles, Mazda taxfree vehicles, Mercedes-Benz taxfree vehicles, Hino taxfree vehicles, Fuso taxfree vehicles and full range of all brands of taxfree vehicles. We also supply taxfree vehicles to individuals, corporations, dealerships, distributors, small businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, non-profits and militaries.

Dependable and Trustworthy since 1911

For 107 years we have been serving customers with high quality and low prices with superior customer service and quick delivery. We have shipped thousands of vehicles to almost every port. Hundred of thousands of customers in countries far and wide are a testament to our dependability and trustworthiness.

Tax Free Right Hand Drive and Tax Free Left Hand Drive Vehicles

Whether you are looking for a right hand drive car taxfree or left hand drive car taxfree, Jim can supply both RHD and LHD car, RHD and LHD pickup trucks, RHD and LHD Sport Utility Vehicle SUV, RHD and LHD Multipurpose Vehicle MPV, RHD and LHD van, RHD and LHD minibus, RHD and LHD commercial truck or RHD and LHD bus. WE have top new LHD car dealer and top new RHD Car deals and top used RHD car deals.

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