Tanzania Car Import Regulations

Car Import Regulation in Tanzania

  • Used cars are shipped to the port of Dar Es Salaam to be imported in Tanzania and no restriction on how old a vehicle that may be imported but additional excise duty is applied on older vehicles
  • Only Right hand steering allowed (Specialist vehicles as ambulance and fire engine may be allowed in LHD)
  • Road inspection test by JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) and EAA-S (East Africa Automobile Services) is necessary for all vehicles imported in Tanzania. If JAAI or EAA certification is not available in the country of export as in Thailand, inspection will be done in Tanzania.

Car Import Duty

  • Tanzania, unlike many other countries, has no age limit on used vehicles. However the taxation of the car may change depending on the age of the vehicle. In general, if a vehicle is older than 10 years, higher taxes are applicable. Here are the charges
    • Import Duty: 25% of the CIF value
    • VAT: 18% of CIF value + import duty
    • Excise Duty by Engine Size cc
      • 1000cc or less: no excise duty.
      • 1001cc and 2000cc: 5% of the CIF + import duty
      • 2001cc and up: 10% of the CIF + import duty
    • Excise Duty on age
      • 7 years or younger: No additional excise
      • 8-10 years: 15% of the CIF + import duty
      • 11 years and older: 30% of the CIF + import duty
      • Buses 5  years and older: 10% of the CIF + import duty

Documents Required for Importing Vehicles in Tanzania

The main documents required while importing the used cars in Tanzania are as follows :-

  • Export certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Inspection Certificate (if mandatory)

Inspection Requirements for Tanzania

According to the directions and requirements of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) the pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection is carried out by EAA for Tanzania. The vehicle has to pass the inspection as per the standards set by the authorities for safety and machine equipment inspection. The pre-shipment inspection certificate by EAA is needed for clearance in Tanzania if the vehicle is exported from a country like Japan where this inspection is available, else a penalty must be paid on port.


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