Roller Lid

Roller Lid – The Next-Generation Rolling Tonneau Cover at Jim Autos Thailand

A Premium Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover

The most innovative, highest quality products — a Hard rolling aluminum tonneau cover, and you will be impressed by the way it smoothly glides back and forth at your slightest touch.
** Choose a model and finish that reflects your personal style

If you’re looking for a hard tonneau cover that literally is the most advanced, most functional tonneau on the market, then look to the all new Roller Lids. a Roller Lids cover actually increases your truck’s fuel efficiency 15% by improving the aerodynamics of your truck bed, an advantage that adds up every in your favor every time you drive.
Aluminum Construction
Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum slates covered in a textured, matte black powder coat finish. Roller Lids bed covers are made with heavy-duty aluminum slats covered in a matte powder coat, giving them the strength.

The Roller Lid (CB-744) Tonneau Cover is custom-designed to fit your pickup’s cargo bed

Secure Locked Retractable Cover

A Roller Lid retractable cover gives you options that work for you and whatever you carry. You can ride with an open truck bed, or you can ride with a secure, locked cover for your cargo and tools.


Roller Lid is available in Silver and Black.

Interior Features

Lock System
Lock System Secures
The tailgate and bed cover simultaneously for the most secure system.

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