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Nissan Navara Thailand NP300 All New Next Generation. 2019 2020 Nissan Navara Pickup Truck Major Change Facelift Model Release, Price and Review

By Jack Kates

Nissan Navara 2017 New Generation Model Thailand is available now at Jim Autos Thailand. The New Model NP300 Nissan Navara is 12th generation Major Change model of the legendary Navara pickup truck. Navara is Europe’s best selling pickup truck and is popular the world over so a lot of folks were waiting for the next generation model and they won’t be disappointed. This is a complete overhaul of the trusty Navara with a new engine, new exterior and a newly minted interior. Navara 2019 2020 now offers improved acceleration and greater fuel economy.

Overall, the new 2019 2020 Nissan NP300 Navara provides fleet and individual owners improved productivity in the field and comfort on the road. This is thanks to the high quality engineering that has delivered a tough and durable frame along with a high performance powertrain, and a striking design inside and out for a premium ownership experience.

Nissan Navara NP300 Exterior

The new major change Navara has a completely revamped exterior. New Navara’s high beltline and blacked B-pillar give a smooth silhouette when viewed from the side. The door section with dynamic convex and concave surfaces give it a sporty appearance – the massively sculpted fenders add to this look. Nissan’s signature “V-motion” motif flows from the grille and into the hood through to the front fender, giving a smooth and dynamic character line.


The visual appeal of the NP300 Navara is also enhanced thanks to the boomerang shaped lighting signature created with LED daytime running lights. Additional visual spice comes from chrome waist line moldings and turn indicators mounted in the door mirrors,. The unique new color choices – Savannah Yellow and The Earth Bronze – are designed to underscore the unique character of the NP300 Navara: vital yet urban.

2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-front 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-road
 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-front-side-desert  2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-front-side-road
2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-front-side2 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-side-road2
2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-side 2015-Nissan-Navara-rear-in-jungle
 navara-2015-aerodynamic-design  navara-np300-2015-engine
navara-np300-2015-bed navara-np300-2015-platform
navara-np300-2015-offroad-technologies navara-np300-2015-rear
navara-np300-2015-tough-exterior 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-front-side2
Nissan-Navara-2015-front-corner Nissan-Navara-2015-rear


2017 Nissan Navara NP300 Interior

Here the designers have styled the dashboard featuring a gentle sweep from the center panel to the door side with 3-dimensional rich sections in order to offer a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, the Nissan designers have styled the interior to represent a new quality benchmark in the segment, with finely designed meters and a tactile steering wheel, as well as the use of an aluminum-like finish on the center cluster and console as well as the finely crafted stitches on the seat.

Occupants will feel the clear influence of Nissan’s SUV leadership, through the intuitive ergonomic design and use of high quality materials, and thanks to easier ingress and egress as well as improved refinement and visibility. Overall, the interior is spacious and comfortable, offering convenience for hard-working entrepreneurs and the quiet relaxation of a well isolated space for family journeys.

The dashboard sports multiple easy-to-read dials, plus a large center console with a full array of intuitive features that combine with steering wheel controls to enable easy and safe use while driving. Included are high-resolution color TFT instrument displays with access to compass and turn-by-turn navigation support, fuel economy indicator and audio track and radio content. Customization features provide driver assistance in a variety of languages, as well as alerts, maintenance reminders and more.

2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-interior-side 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-interior
2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-interior3 2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300-interior2
navara-np300-2015-front-panel Navara-np300-2015-front-seat-amenities
navara-np300-2015-gear Navara-np300-2015-meter
navara-np300-2015-spacious-interior navara-np300-2015-steering

2019 2020 Major Change Navara NP300 Performance

While life-on-board is comfortable and convenient, the NP300 Navara has been designed and developed to easily and confidently handle heavy loads, while allowing ease of loading and unloading. Underneath, the NP300 Navara’s high-strength chassis and leaf suspension have been engineered to take the punishment of intense daily usage, reflecting the expectations of pick-up customers around the world Among the other improvements to the NP300 Navara’s characteristics are a reduced turning circle, reflecting the importance of agility and maneuverability in city driving.

The NP300 Navara’s powertrain boasts improved performance, with reduced fuel consumption and emissions, as well as a dynamic control braking system that makes for a leader in segment performance. Engine options have been developed for best in class fuel efficiency and emissions ratings, yet with impressive power output and acceleration. Models come equipped with improved versions of Nissan’s 2.5-liter DOHC in-line 4-cylinder Diesel engine or 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder Gasoline engine. The new 2.5-liter DOHC in-line 4-cylinder Diesel engine features maximum power of 140kW and 120kW at 3600rpm, maximum torque of 450Nm and 403Nm at 2000rpm, and higher boost from a turbocharger with electrical actuator. Fuel economy has been improved by as much as 11% over the previous model.

The YD25 will be available in two states of tune – a low output spec with 160 hp and 403 Nm of torque, as well as the higher output version dispensing the full 188 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

What we won’t get is a new 2.3 litre YS23 engine, derived from the 2.3 dCi engine in the Renault Master van, that’s reserved for markets where Euro 5 fuel is available. As with the YD25, two versions of the YS23 will be offered – a fixed geometry turbo version that produces 158 hp and 403 Nm of torque, and a more powerful variable geometry turbo version that does the same 188 hp and 450 Nm of torque as the top YD25 mill.

Despite the smaller displacement, the variable geometry turbocharger allows for the 450 Nm peak to come in earlier at 1,500-2,000 rpm compared to the 2,000 rpm of the YD25. Fuel consumption for the YS23 engine is said to have improved by 19% over the older YD25 thanks to reduced engine friction, an electrical variable oil pump and a thermo management system.

Shift-on-the-fly 4×4 driving can be engaged while the vehicle is in motion. The VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system helps improve 4×4 driving performance and safety, along with ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip), HSA (Hill Start Assist) and HDC (Hill Descent Control).


Nissan Navara NP300 Transmission

The NP300 Navara’s transmission options include a seven-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmission. The seven-speed automatic provides for low fuel consumption at slow speeds as well as better acceleration, expanded gear ratio for wider range of speeds, and smooth acceleration and shifting. The six-speed manual features enhanced fuel efficiency from low to high gear, while its optimized shift stroke makes for quick and effortless gear changes.

2017 Nissan Navara Features

The new Navara is chock-full of cool features.

Exterior Features


A stylish exterior that demands attention with its distinctive lighting signature, courtesy of all-new LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights. And a higher fuel efficiency, thanks to an improved aerodynamic design.



High-strength chassis and full-length, fully boxed ladder frame — Everything you need to help take on the punishment of intense daily usage.



Vehicle Dynamic Control, Brake Limited-Slip Differential, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control — all working in tandem to help conquer even the toughest off-road conditions.



Featuring a maximum power of 190 hp at 3600 rpm and a maximum torque of 450 Nm at 2000 rpm, the YD25 engine has been designed to help get the most performance out of every drop of fuel, be it in a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission.


Interior Features


Spacious interior molded by high-quality materials and intuitive ergonomic design.



Easy-to-read dials with 3D TFT display and a large center console featuring a navigation system, with a full array of modern intuitive features.



Intelligent Key unlocks your door without ever leaving your pocket, while the Push Button Ignition starts the engine with a single touch. Spinal support seats provide comfort, while Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control with rear air vents helps keep things as cool or as warm as you like.



Dual airbags, braking technologies, and RearView Monitor — confidence informed by a legacy of reliability and innovation.


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