Mazda BT50 Single Cab Exporter

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab New 2023 2024 2020 and Used 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

By Jack A. Kates

BT-50-Single-CabMazda BT-50 Single Cab Thailand is a thing of beauty. 

Jim Autos Thailand is Thailand’s top exporter of Single Cab Mazda BT-50 pick-up trucks. BT-50 Single Cabs are on sale for sale at world’s top Single Cab exporter. Single Cab Mazda BT-50 is available from Thailand in 2200 cc. It is a beautiful beast as despite its good looks, it carries its full share of load.

Jim excels in providing New Model 2019 2020 Mazda BT-50 Single Cab from Thailand as well as New Model 2013 Mazda BT-50 4WD from United Kingdom and Australia. Mazda BT-50 is available in Single Cab 2WD, Extra Cab 2WD, Extra Smart Cab 4×4, Double Cab 2WD and Double Cab 4WD in Thailand. In Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom Toyota Single Cab is available in both 2WD and 2WD while you get Extra and Double Cab in 4×4. Whether you are looking for Mazda BT-50, Mazda BT-50 Jim can provide them.

The 4×2 Single Cab Chassis XT is equipped with everything you need to get the job done. Its 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine provides all the power and torque you’ll ever need and more. The Single Cab is packed with technology, loaded with safety equipment and boasts a generous payload and large braked towing capacity ensuring it’ll carry whatever you need and keep you safe while you are driving it.

Single Cab BT-50 Exterior

mazda bt50 diesel single cabThe Mazda BT-50’s sporty and athletic styling reflects beauty and a level of high quality that clearly identifies the Mazda BT-50 as the new-generation pickup truck built to satisfy active lifestyles. Clean, flowing body contours wrap around the relaxing expanse of the cabin to create a modern, sophisticated look that also inherits the tough expression of its Mazda pickup heritage.

A new rear combination lamp shares the clean and sporty design motif of the headlamp.

Single Cab BT-50 Interior

2012-mazda-bt50-interior2The Mazda BT-50 features a bright and spacious interior environment that brings a new level of sedan like comfort and convenience to every occupant.

The ambience in the car whilst driving at night is now enhanced by an orange light on the dash that illuminates the audio functions and speedometer console.

There is an added Auxillary power outlet for iPods or mobile fridge and other gadgetry that require power. This adds to the comfort that accompanies the ride in the Mazda BT-50.

These cosmetic changes are meant to refresh the look of the vehicle so that it moves with the times in terms of aesthetic appeal

1 ton Single Cab BT-50 pick-up in both Petrol and Diesel are versatile vehicles. Mazda Single Cab is available in both 2WD and 4WD in Australia and United Kingdom. The advantage of course is that these are 4WD vehicles and if you want 4WD functionality it is good to know that Jim can give you access to Mazda BT-50 Single Cab in Right Hand Drive and Left hand drive from their worldwide family of companies. In Australia the opportunity to have an Auto Transmission 4WD Single Cab is too tempting to let go for many customers in the Caribbean and many countries of Asia and Africa.


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