LHD Toyota Land Cruiser 200

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By Jack Kates

toyota-landcruiser-200-series-vx-heroNew 2023 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Land Cruiser 70 and Used 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 2006 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and Landcruiser 200 VX and VX Limited are now available in Left Hand Drive at Jim Dubai and Jim US and in Right Hand Drive at Jim Australia, Jim New Zealand and Jim UK.

The legendary Land Cruiser, a truly dominant 4WD vehicle, has been routinely taming the wildest terrains on earth for over 50 years. In the process, it has become an essential part of the lives of a wide variety of people around the world. The legend continues with the new Land Cruiser, the natural successor to the line and a continuing symbol of strength and reliability. And like its forebears, the new king of 4WD is fully aware of its responsibility to do no harm to Mother Earth: The Pride of the World.

Reputations are earned, not given. Toyota’s designers have raised the bar once again in 2015 model Land Cruiser, giving us off-road performance and advanced technology that will smooth out even the toughest terrain. Land Cruiser 200 is the real 4×4 for the real world.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Dubai

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Left Hand Drive is available in Dubai in following model configurations:

2019 2020 RHD Landcruiser 200 Models in Dubai
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.0 GL 9 DLX M/T 
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.0 GL 9 
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.0 GX 8 SPL  
 Toyota Landcruiser 200  4.0 GX-R 8 S.SPL FLR 
 Toyota Landcruiser 200  4.6 GX-R 8 SPL FLR +BG
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.6 VX-R 8 S.SPL 
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.6 VX-R 8 S.SPL+NAVI FLR 
 Toyota Landcruiser 200 5.7 VX-R 8 S.SPL

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Right Hand Drive in Australia & New Zealand

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is available in following models at Jim Autos Australia:

2019 2020 RHD Landcruiser 200 Models in Australia
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5L V8 Diesel GX Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5L V8 Diesel GXL Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.6L V8 Petrol GXL Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5L V8 Diesel VX Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.6L V8 Petrol VX Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5L V8 Diesel Sahara Auto
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.6L V8 Petrol Sahara Auto

 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 RHD is available in New Zealand in following models:

2019 2020 RHD Landcruiser 200 Models in New Zealand
Toyota Landcruiser 200 4.5L Diesel VX w/o KDSS VDJ200R
Toyota Landcruiser 200  4.5L Diesel VX w/ 1F Limited Package VDJ200R

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Toyota Benchmark 4WD

With greater refinement built into Toyota’s new benchmark 4×4 wagon – Toyota Landcruiser 200, its designers have given the motoring world an engine that delivers on all performance levels. The new 4.5L twin turbo V8 diesel engine offers dazzling on-road performance and smooth delivery of low speed torque that off-road 4×4 aficionados desire. Given 195kW of power and 650Nm of torque, one could be forgiven for assuming high fuel consumption. Even with an impressive 30% increase in power and 51% more torque, fuel economy, and emission levels have been reduced allowing this V8 engine to comply with stringent Euro IV emission standards. When combined with the newly developed 6-speed Super Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT) that fully utilises the engines performance, enjoyable off-road driving and on-road acceleration can both be experienced. Not only is Land Cruiser 200 a supremely rewarding way to travel it also lets you get the most enjoyment from outdoor life by offering an impressive towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

lc200 gear lc200 is V8 lc200 transfer 4wd

Land Cruiser 200’s transmission offers fuel efficiency along with a smooth gear shift feeling and superb drivability and quietness.

Following traffic will be reminded they are behind a Land Cruiser 200 with an efficient and powerful V8 twin-turbo diesel engine

For off-road adventures where low range is required a simple twist of the transfer dial is all that’s necessary.


From the moment you see Land Cruiser 200 in the flesh you will intuitively recognise its commanding presence, pride and adventurous spirit. Land Cruiser 200’s advanced and rugged look was designed with 4×4 capability firmly in mind. This includes approach and departure angles that do not interfere with off-road driving, a wide stance and high ground clearance to allow navigation over a wide range of ground surfaces. A rear spoiler, integrated with the back door enhances aerodynamics and fuel efficiency while large headlights foster a premium image.

A Real 4×4 for the Real World!

The Land Cruiser 200 is for drivers who demand the best. This ruggedly handsome brute is Toyota’s flagship genuine 4×4 offering the highest level of prestige. This is a vehicle that will let you arrive anywhere, tackling everything from striding round-town to traversing harsh rocky surfaces. The Land Cruiser 200 is available in VX and VX Limited grades

Earth’s Greatest Four Wheel Drive is Toyota Land Cruiser

Almost 10 years in the making, LandCruiser 200 is already giving us a glimpse into the 4WDs of the future. Cutting edge technology adds up to a genuinely unique 4×4 experience, rarely seen in vehicles in this class. Toyota has met seemingly contradictory goals in the development of LandCruiser 200: Toyota has made it powerful, yet efficient. Toyota has made it timeless, yet it offers contemporary style. Toyota has made it tough, but it’s amazingly comfortable. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it in the world.

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