Hino 500 Series 5 FM 25 Ton 10 Wheel 6×4 Heavy Duty Truck

Hino 500 Series 5 FM Heavy Duty Commercial Truck 25 ton Trucks 6×4 from Thailand top Truck, Car, Van and Bus Exporter dealer

By Jack Kates

Hino Series 5 FM 10 Wheel 25 Ton Heavy Duty Truck is Economical

With sport and compact design With swiftness designed for use in city Fully loaded and with low fuel consumption with high performance. Hino’s new commonrail engine makes your investment worthwhile. Hino Series 5 FM 6×4 Truck is Available in 12 models suitable for evey heavy duty use, eight models are FM8, FM1 and FM2 and three FM1 and FM2 uses Natural Gas.

Truck Type Hino Truck
10 Weels (6×4) Truck  25,000 kgs. FM Series 6×4 Hino FM8JNKD 212 PS 6,325 mm. 7684 cc J08E-UE 8 Speed 6×4 Tractor Head
Hino FM8JNLD 251 PS 6325 mm. 7684 cc J08E-UD 8 Speed 6×4 Tractor Head
Hino FM1ANKD (T Bias) 330 PS  6,325 mm. 8866 cc 6 Speed 6×4 Tractor Head
Hino FM1ANKD (T&S Radial) 330 PS  6,325 mm. 8866 cc 6×4 Tractor Head
Hino FM1ANLD (T&S Radl) E/G Retrder 344PS  4780mm. 8866cc A09C-TH 8 Sp 6×4
Hino FM2PNLD (T&S) 380 PS  6,325 mm. 10520 cc P11C-UV 8 Speed 6×4
Hino FM2PNLD (SPA) ABS 380 PS  6,325 mm. 10520 cc P11C-UV 8 Speed 6×4
Hino FM1AKKM EG Retarder 330 HP J08C-VD 8 Speed 6×4
Hino FM1JNKD BGT NGV 260PS   6×4
Hino FM1JNKKA NGV 260PS   6×4
Hino FM2PNMD NGV 360PS  6×4
Hino FM2PNMD-A NGV 360PS  6×4

Beautiful HINO design style that increases aerodynamic performance both to the front and back of the cab.

Hino fm10-12 Series 500 25 Ton Heavy Duty truck

Hino Series 5 Concept: Modern Innovation

Create a new experience
Experience design and a new aspect of driving
Beyond standard with HINO’s ultimate safety system technology
Increase performance and response for perfect driving with excellent fuel saving rates
Freedom to relax along the journey with radio and CD/MP3 player brand “Fujisu Ten” world-class entertainment device manufacturer

banner-fm10-1 Series 5 Hino 15 Ton 4x2 Truck

Exterior: The Premium Design

 Sport Design allows freedom of creativity with new shape and driving aspect
1. Chromium side mirror cover that is cool sporty and stylish.
2. Chromium turning signal light cover with increased sporty design that stunningly attracts all beholders’ eyes.
3. Front bumper spoiler new design to increase beauty and aerodynamic performance.

Hino Series 5 Safety and Durability

The Premium Protection and Endurance

FM Hino 15 Ton Heavy Duty Truck Thailand



• New! 400-liter fuel tank gives bigger tank capacity, reduces refueling time (model FM10 wheel/GY12 wheel) and has a lockable type fuel cap on every model (XZU).
• 2 position side mirrors increase vision for the driver for higher levels of safety. 
• Safety cab structure EGIS Cab possesses high strength that help sabsorb and distribute the impact of collision to different parts of the cab with safety steel bar installed beside the door to minimize any possible risk of damage or injury to the driver and passengers.
• Liftable cab with double safety lock to allow ease of maintenance and better safety. 
• Automatic locking safety belt (ELR) 3 points for driver and passengers to prevent and reduce collision force around chest should an accident occur. 
• SRS airbag works together with safety belt for highest safety effectiveness of driver, preventing and reducing injury to the driver should a head-on collision occur.
• Air over hydraulic brake system (AOH) suitable for heavy loads, given high brake efficiency. (FM8J)
• Exhaust gas brakes increase brake efficiency.



• Single piece, thick and large chassis frame, strong, excellent durability for stress, torque and pulling force. Able to bear loads at all points including along carriage body for full load operation.
• Thicker and longer leaf springs suitable for heavy loads, given high flexibility together with grease fillers at leaf spring hanger bush for longer service life. 
• Pre-cleaner air inlet system helps capture dust and humidity in the air by using recycled internal air to increase combustion efficiency and increase engine service life.
• 2-step air filter creates an effective air filter designed to increase engine service life. 
• Air dryer captures humidity and releases water from air brake system automatically to prevent rust within the brake system and extends the service life time of brake equipment.
• Fuel filter with built-in water filter to increase service lifetime of fuel system and engine parts.



Hino 25 Ton Truck Thailand Interior gives premium comfort 
 The Experience a new aspect of driving with new color tone and car interior design, sporty, cool and relaxing in every position that perfectly matches all lifestyles
• Passenger cabin, console and seat have new color tone that are sporty, luxurious and in a cool style.
• New! Central lock and motorized windows increase safety and comfort for the user.
• New! Radio with CD/MP3 player brand “Fujisu Ten”, a world-class entertainment device manufacturer, which allows for surround sound for enjoyment along the journey.
• Many multipurpose compartments within the console, door and overhead.
• “DENSO” air conditioner, standard from the factory gives cool air throughout the cabin.
• Big gauge panels are attractive, easy to read and include engine speedometer, digital odometer with complete signal/warning lights.
• Power steering with 4-direction adjustment makes it easy to drive with less effort and can be adjusted to fit with the individual physique of the driver.
• Electronic accelerator pedal is controlled by an electronic system that gives precise control at any acceleration.
• Air suspension system for the driver’s seat automatically adjusts the height to increase softness, and reduces weariness of the driver.





Performance : Hino FM Premium Engine 
Experience powerful new driving combined with low fuel consumption and emissions from an engine with futuristic technology of premium commonrail system compliant with Euro-3 standard
• Engine model J08-UE with a cylinder volume of 7,684cc gives maximum of 156 kW (212 HP) at 2,500 rpm and maximum torque of 661 N-m (67.4 kg-m) at 1,500 rpm.
• Engine model J08-UD with a cylinder volume of 7,684cc gives maximum of 184 kW (251 HP) at 2,500 rpm and maximum torque of 739 N-m (75.4 kg-m) at 1,500 rpm.
• Engine model A09C-TE with a cylinder volume of 8,866cc gives maximum of 243 kW (330 HP) at 2,100 rpm and maximum torque of 1,177 N-m (120 kg-m) at 1,100 rpm.
• Engine model A09C-TH with a cylinder volume of 8,866cc gives maximum of 253 kW (344 HP) at 1,900 rpm and maximum torque of 1,274 N-m (130 kg-m) at 1,500 rpm.
• Engine model P11C-UV with a cylinder volume of 10,520cc gives maximum of 280 kW (380 HP) at 2,100 rpm and maximum torque of 1,275 N-m (130 kg-m) at 1,500 rpm.
• High pressure fuel pump and electronic injector with the latest technology; the fuel injector can inject fuel at 160 MPa so that the fuel will be in fine mist phase throughout the combustion chamber rapidly and precisely at any engine speed resulting in complete combustion and a maximum fuel saving rate.
• Pilot injection system helps mixture of air and fuel spread throughout the combustion chamber, increases combustion efficiency, reduces the amount of nitrogen oxide and engine knocking, resulting in smooth engine operation and a maximum fuel saving rate.
• 24-valve overhead camshaft (OHC) with roller rocker arm reduces friction in open-close fuel and exhaust valves, helps open-close movement of valves to be quicker and more precise for quicker overtake action and maximum energy saving rate. 
• Turbo charger helps increase maximum inlet air pressure at any engine speed. 
• Variable Nozzle Turbocharger, VNT is a specially designed turbo charger with variable exhaust gas direction adjustment. It increases pressure and changes the exhaust gas direction which directs it to the turbine’s fan in order to increase the air compression ratio to maximum at each engine speed, even low engine speeds so that it increases maximum torque range no matter what speed the engine is running at (Engine A09C). 
• Intercooler reduces compressed air temperature from turbo charger, increases air density and results in better combustion and gains more engine power.
• Engine control unit (ECU) controls precision of fuel injection at any engine speed, increases combustion efficiency and maximum fuel saving rate.




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