Duties in Seychelles

Car Import Duties in Seychelles

By Jack A. Kates

Import Duty

All motor vehicles imported require an import permit. Restrictions on importation of vehicles are under those categories:

  • Vehicle and Chassis bodies (e.g. fork-lift, trucks, cranes, and derricks)
  • Spark-ignition piston engine of kind used for the propulsion of vehicle e.g. bulldozers, graders, excavators, scrapers and shovels
  • Compression piston engine (diesel or semi diesel engine) of kind used for propulsion of vehicle e.g. Chassis fitted with engine
  • Bodies (including cabs, for motor vehicles) e.g. nose cuts, front cuts, and rear cuts

A returning graduate/resident may import a new or used motor vehicle but there is no concession on taxes for either case. All applicable trades tax, excise tax, GST and levy are payable. The vehicle must enter the country within 6 months of the returning graduate/resident taking residency in Seychelles.

The importation of used vehicle by a returning graduate/resident is however subject to the following conditions under the Used Vehicle Policy under the Ministry of Finance:

  • The vehicle must be right hand drive
  • The vehicle must not be older than 3 years
  • The motor vehicle must be for passenger use only
  • Only one vehicle is permitted per person

Difference of Duty in Smart Cab and Double Cab Pickups

Toyota Hilux Vigo Smart Cab is the biggest imported diesel pickup truck in Seychelles. Prior to the change in duty structure the choice was double Cab. When importing a smart cab one only pays duty and 10,000 SCR levy but to import a double cab one must pay not only the duty and a levy of 100,000 SCR but also excise duty of 75%.

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