Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze is available from Jim Autos Thailand.

The New Chevrolet Cruze

Refined, inside and out, the new Chevrolet Cruze let’s you make a statement without saying a word.

Chevrolet Cruze Exterior Design

chevrolet cruze

Chevy Cruze Designed to Dazzle

The new Chevrolet Cruze seamlessly blends sophisticated and sporty styling to achieve a distinctive design that’s sure to turn heads. It’s hard to miss the new taillights, the LED daytime running lights and high-powered projector headlamps; just as dazzling, are the sporty new alloy wheels, sculpted silhouette and sleek dual port grille.

Dimention front

Dual port grille with chrome bezel

New front bumper with chrome accents (LTZ)

Cruze Rearlamp

Style that gets you noticed

Chevrolet DNA runs deep in every car we make, so it’s no surprise that the new Cruze shares design elements with the ultimate American muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro. Just like Camaro, Cruze’s rear-end is given a striking finish with LED-studded taillights that wrap around the contours of its body.

CRUZE Auto Headlamp

Auto Headlamp system

Stay visible at all times with the help of an integrated Auto Headlamp System. It constantly monitors the level of ambient light to determine precisely the right time to automatically activate, or deactivate, the exterior lights. The new Cruze also features a Follow Me Home function that keeps the headlights on for up to 2 minutes after locking the car, illuminating the path to your door.

new design trunk

Cutting edge exterior design

To make loading cargo easier, the trunk features an automatic open and close function which can be controlled either by a button inside the cabin, or from the remote control key fob.

Cruze FogLamp

Projection fog lamp

Despite their sleek chrome surround, the daytime running lights are more than just a style accessory. The energy-efficient LED lights stay on all day to ensure that you’re seen even when outside visibility is poor.

Cruze 17inchWheel

Alloy wheels

The new Cruze comes with refined styling with a choice of 16” or 17” inch alloy wheels.

Take a Look Inside Chevy Cruze

Luxurious Dual-Cockpit cabin of the new Chevrolet Cruze.

New two-tone leather seats with ‘Saddle Up’ brown.

Luxurious Dual-Cockpit cabin of the new Chevrolet Cruze.

Find yourself at ease in the luxurious cabin of the new Chevrolet Cruze. Its Quiet Ride noise dampening technology cancels out road noise, so you can enjoy the two-tone leather upholstery and media connectivity of the MyLink in peace. Everything is designed for your convenience in this stylish sedan; from the driver’s seat, a simple tap of the multi-function steering wheel can change the music, set cruise control or answer phone calls. You’ll find all vital driving information with a glance at the ice blue illuminated instrument cluster. The 7-inch centre console mounted touch screen My-Link system provides a host of other information like outside temperature, time and all audio controls.

  • Intermittent windshield wipers with Auto Rain Sensor.
  • Unlock either all 4 doors, the front door or just the driver’s door with the customizable central locking system.
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Interior and exterior Assistive Illumination System
  • Adjustable warning signal volume

The harmony of elegance and performance throughout the new Cruze is perfectly represented by the new two-tone leather seats, upholstered in rich ‘Saddle Up Brown’ leather and an intense black (only in LTZ)

Chevy Cruze – Engineered for Comfort, designed for Style

Come on in and witness a continuation of the innovative Cruze design. Discover the sophistication and generous cabin space that makes the Cruze stand head and shoulders above its competitors. From the calm of its ice blue lighting to the delicate contours of premium leather seats, your driving experience begins even before you start the engine.

เบาะที่นั่งพับได้ (Foldable Seats)

Foldable Seats

The already spacious interior really opens up when one or both of the 60:40 foldable seats are folded forward to increase your carrying capacity.

Leather Seats

The new Saddle Up leather seats increase your comfort as they add to the style and refinement of your Cruze.

Ice Blue Lighting

Ice Blue Lighting

Light up your car with the ice blue interior lighting, adding a fun touch to every drive.

Air conditioning

Stay comfortable in hot, humid weather with automatic climate control that ensures you have a comfortable journey.

Chevy Cruze – Smart Technology for Smarter Cars

Chevrolet MyLink

Connect your favorite music, videos and photos or map the route home, all through the MyLink infotainment system with its built-in 7-inch touchscreen. Sync your phone up via Bluetooth and you’ll also be able to make hands-free calls, stream internet radio and issue voice commands, all without taking your eyes off the road.

Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)
Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)
There’s no need to search for your key fob with this available feature: simply press the sensor on the door handle to unlock the door, and as long as the key fob is inside the car (even if it’s in your pocket), you can start the engine with the push of a button.

Cruise Control
Find a comfortable speed and stick to it, with cruise control in your Cruze. With the system on, simply press SET when you reach your desired speed; then press – or + to decrease or increase your speed by 1 kph, every time the button is pressed.

Cruise Control

Chevy Cruze – A Great Drive, From Ignition to Park

Chevrolet Cruze engine

Get the most from every drop of fuel with the E85 compatible, 1.8L ECOTEC engine. Its Double CVC (Continuous Variable Cam-Phasing) and Multi-Point Fuel Injection Systems allow it to deliver a heart-racing 141 horsepower at 6,200 rpm with a maximum torque of 177 Nm at 3,800 rpm, all while maintaining pocket-friendly fuel-efficiency.

Chevrolet Cruze Alloy Wheels 16 inches and 17 inches

Rear-Park Assist

Even the tightest parking spots become welcoming with Cruze’s Rear-Park Assist. When reversing, a video from the rear-view camera displays how much space you have, in real time, while the audio alert will remind you if you’re getting a little too close for comfort.

Euro-Ride tuning Suspension

The new Cruze is fitted with MacPherson struts, gas shock absorbers and a stabilizer at the front; at the rear there’s a V-shaped torsion beam with coil springs and gas shock absorbers. The result is responsive steering and smooth driving, so you can stay confidently in control, wherever the road takes you.

Euro-Ride Tuning Suspension


More than anything, our cars are created to be safe

to offer protection to you, and your family. With the Cruze, we started by designing the whole car around a BFI (Body Frame Integral) chassis that absorbs and diffuses forces in the event of a collision. Then, we strategically placed 4 airbags at the front and sides of the cabin; we also fit every Cruze with pretensioner seatbelts in the front, and 3-point seatbelts in the rear because there’s no feeling quite like peace of mind.

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