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Requirements for importing used RHD Gasoline Petrol vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago

Requirements for importing used RHD Gasoline Petrol vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago

Requirements for importing used RHD Gasoline Petrol vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago

A used Right Hand drive vehicle cannot be imported into Trinidad and Tobago without an Import Permit. Brand New Diesel or Petrol (Gasoline) vehicles may be imported without any license. Please see Which Vehicles you can import in Trinidad and Tobago and Required Documents for guidance. Companies must also complete all additional requirements. Please note that an indvidual or a dealer will only be issued a licnese for import of used Gasoline vchicle. Import of used diesel vehicle is strictly regulated and only a corporation may apply for an import license for import of used diesel vehicle.


For individuals, simply fill out the Import Licence form as soon as you can and submit to the Trade Licence Unit. Note: You will need to know the (if any) refrigerant gasses and the fire extinguisher's chemical when applying. Once you fill in the application and make two copies, they will ask you For your ID. You will then be given the original and copies stamped which you will need later to receive your Import Licence. You may be asked to come to an interview before they will give you a license.

Once you have your import license, take it along with the other Required Documents to the Customs and Excise Office. Submit your four (4) copies of C82 Form (Customs Declaration Form) with the supporting documents to the Customs Officer for review. The officer will sign a copy of the C82 Form and give you an Assessment on how much duty and taxes you must pay. At this time they will return all your documents.

Take the Assessment and C82 Forms to the Customs' Cashier and pay your dues. You will be given a receipt which you must present when clearing the vehicle(s) along with the other documents you have used at the Import/Export Station. Once cleared, you can being the registration process as normal which includes passing roadworthiness tests.

Commercial and Retail importer

Commercial Importers must register with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as "Importer of used RHD motor vehicles for Retail Trade". You cannot import more than 1 vehicle in three years without registering as a Importer for Retail Trade.

To register, bring documents mentioned in Required Documents. Additionally, there are other requirements:

  • Importer must enter into a standardized Sales Contract with the buyer which will include the following:
    1. Posting of a Bond with a Financial Agency in the sum of TT $250,000. The Bond must be renewed annually and be maintained at the level of TT $250,000.
    2. A Standardized Warranty
    3. An undertaking to source and supply the required replacement parts within the warranty period
  • Physical Requirements
    • Office area with office equipment including Computer
    • Waiting area with accommodation
    • Showroom (storage area)
    • Garage facilities or evidence of a Joint Venture Agreement to provide the service
    • Minimum requirement for Garage (Owned or Joint Venture) · Hoist, lift or ramp, tools, buffing equipment, mechanic
    • Staff

Also, make sure each vehicle imported passes qualifications mentioned in which vehicles you can import.

Once you are registered as an Importer for Retail Trade, you can proceed to import as for Individuals. Note, you may have to hire a Customs Broker to fill out required documentation for commerical goods