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Jamaica Car Import Export | Table

Documents Required to import a car in Jamaica

Documents Required to import a Vehicle In Jamaica

Do you want to import a motor vehicle in Jamaica? If yes, you must first apply to the Trade Board for anImport Licence and receive same before making arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica .Here are other documents you would need to import a vehicle from one of our branches in United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore or Australia.

Documents Required To Import a Motor Vehicle

1. Import licence Issued by the Trade Board Limited authorizing the importation of the motor vehicle.

2. Title : A document issued to the owner of the vehicle by the Government of the country where the vehicle was purchased. We will provide this.


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Car Registration and Insurance in Jamaica

Putting the vehicle on the Road in Jamaica

Before driving on the public road, prior to removing the motor vehicle from the wharf, you should obtain motor insurance coverage through an insurance agency or broker.

On clearing the vehicle, and having paid the relevant fee at the nearest Taxpayers Service Centre or Collector of Taxes of the Inland Revenue Department, a Certificate of Fitness should be obtained from a Motor Vehicle Examination Depot to indicate that it complies with Jamaican standards, for example, please note that in the case of Left Hand Drive vehicles imported from North America and other territories where one drives on the right side of the road, it is necessary to adjust or change the vehicle's headlights prior to presenting it for examination.


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Car Import Duty in Jamaica

Calculating tax and import duties In Jamaica

Under Section 19 of the Customs Act, "a duty of Customs is chargeable on the value of the imported goods at the time of importation. This duty is charged on the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of the goods, when converted into Jamaican currency." For example, if CIF=US$100 (US$1 to J$33) then total CIF=J$3,300.

Car Import Duty in Jamaica

With car duty averaging 100% car import duty in Jamaica is one of the highest. In June 2012 Jamaica introduced a new duty regime (car-import-duty-june-2012-jamaica.html) and duties have been reduc.ed substantially

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