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New Chevy Colorado

Chevy Colorado 2012 Single Cab

Chevy Colorado Single Cab S-Cab Features

New 2014 2015 Chevy Colorado is your ultimate answer for a true tough truck that takes you further, carries more, and ensures greater peace of mind, while giving you the stylish look and feel that you can be proud of.

Faster, sturdier and superior performance

  • Duramax Engine
    The ultimate power to conquer any terrain
    Behold the exhilarating power and performance that excites the senses wherever you go due to the new Duramax Diesel 2.5L – the latest in the famous Duramax series.
  • Payload Capacity
    New Chevy Colorado has been designed to excel in virtually all kinds of tough duty. Whether it be heavy cargo or harsh terrain, Colorado tames it all.

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Chevy Colorado Duramax Engine

Chevy Colorado Duramax Diesel Engine

2012 Chevy Colorado Duramax EngineThe newly developed 2500 cc and 2800 cc dieel engines are the newest members of the Duramax truck-engine family. They feature overhead cams, turbocharging and durable aluminum cylinder heads for high levels of refinement and durability.

Designed to offer class-leading torque, reliability and excellent fuel economy, the four-cylinder Duramax engines were tested in extreme conditions in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. They meet the advanced Euro IV emission standard and can be used in front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive applications.


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Chevy Colorado in CNG

New Chevy Colorado

2012 Chevy Colorado available in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) version

Chevy Colorado released in CNGWith Oil prices rising relentlessly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) had suddenly become very attractive and still remains a great option with Oil prices stabilizing. CNG savings are great and it is more environmentally friendly. Now two companies are releasing CNG version from the factory: the first is Indian manufacturer Tata who has just arrived in Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom shores and the other is resepcted American company GM which is manufacturing a CNG version of its popular Chevy Colorado.

New Colorado CNG will be Dual Fuel System and will be able to use both Natural Gas (CNG/NGV) And Diesel or Biodiesel (B2, B5) at the ratio of 65:35. In either case you are going green and also saving green dollars while being nice to the environment. A win-win deal.


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Chevy Colorado Safety

Superior Safety of Chevrolet Colorado

  • Braking System - The dependable braking system is yet another of the safety features that Chevy Colorado is famous for.

Total peace of mind is ensured all the way with a range of advanced active and passive safety features – from strengthened body structure, to door panels, and to chassis – all contribute to the optimum safety performance you can depend on.

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