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Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks

Fuso Fighter FN Specifications

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter FN available at Thailand, Australia, UK, US and Dubai top Fuso Canter Commercial Truck Dealer and exporter

Renowned Fighter performance, safety features, comfort and reliability deliver a rare balance between driving pleasure and the bottom line. Extremely versatile, Fighter is a popular choice for medium duty applications.

25 ton (25,000 kg) Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter mid-size truck is avaiilable in Thailand in following configurations:

Mitsubishi Fuso FN61FR2RDH1 6x2 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc / 270 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM1RDH1 6x4 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc /250 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM2RDH1 6x4 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc/270


 Fuso Fighter FN Specifications

Here are detailed specification of 25 ton Mitubishi Fighter FN.

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