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Ford Ranger Single Cab pick-up Truck Diesel and Ford Ranger Gasoline Single Cab available at Thailand largest Toyota Hillux exporter

By Jack Kates

2014 2015 Ford Ranger in Thailand is available at Bangkok Thailand largest dealer and exporter of Ford ranger- Jim Autos Thailand. Not only 2014 2014 Ford Ranger Single Cab is on sale so are used 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 Ford Ranger. Single Cab Ford Ranger used to be available in 4x2 Diesel Single Cab and 4x4 Diesel Single Cab but Ford has eliminated those two models for its line-up. Currently Ford Ranger Single Cab is only available in a Gasoline (Petro / Benzene) model. Here are its details:

Ford Ranger Standard Single Cab 2.5L XL 5Manual Transmission 2WD


  • Duratec 2.5L Petrol Engine compatible with E20 
    Max power 166 PS, Max torque 226 N-m.
    5-speed manual transmission

Key Features of Ford Ranger Single Cab

  • Double wishbone with coil spring / Leaf springs
  • Rack and Pinion with power assist steering system
  • 16" steel wheel with 215/70 R16 tyres
  • Manual A/C
  • Front bench seat - 60/40 split folding
  • FM/AM stereo radio with AUX-in
  • 2 speakers

We sell not only brand New 2014 2015 but also High Quality used Japanese and American Cars pick-up Trucks and SUVs from Thailand. Ford Ranger is our specialty. We specialize in new and used Cars From Thailand, new and used pick-up Trucks from Thailand and new and used SUVs from Thailand. Ford Ranger is our biggest export. Ford Ranger Double Cab in new and used sells the most followed by Ford Ranger Open Cab also known as Extra Cab. Toyota Single Cab - also known as Ford Ranger Standard Cab - pick-up Truck is a great workhorse.

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Ford Ranger exporter Jim is Thailand's largest New Ford Ranger Single Cab Exporter and Dealer and Thailand's largest used Ford Ranger Single Cab Exporter

Jim Autos Thailand is Thailand's largest exporter of Single Cab Ford Ranger pick-up trucks. Ranger Single Cabs are on sale for sale at world's largest Single Cab exporter. Jim excels in providing New Model 2014 2015 Ford Ranger Single Cab from Thailand as well as New Model 2013 Ford Ranger 4WD from United Kingdom and Australia. Ford Ranger is available in Single Cab 2WD, Extra Cab 2WD, Extra Smart Cab 4x4, Double Cab 2WD and Double Cab 4WD in Thailand. In Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom Toyota Single Cab is available in both 2WD and 2WD while you get Extra and Double Cab in 4x4. Whether you are looking for Ford Ranger, Ford Ranger Jim can provide them.

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Ranger Single Cab Exporter of Ford Ranger Single Cab

Jim is Ranger Single Cab exporter of new Ford Ranger Single Cab and used Ford Ranger Single Cab in 2WD. We also offer Single Cab 4WD in new and used from our Australia and UK branches. Ford Ranger Single Cab car is available in 2500 cc and 3000 cc Diesel. Diesel Single Cab Ford Ranger is very popular.

Ford Ranger Single Cab is available in both Right hand drive and Left Hand Drive. From its excellent performance to its comfortable interior, the Ford Ranger Single Cab is a workhorse you can count on when the going gets tough. The new Ranger with a choice of engines. The Ford Ranger demonstrates that it not only looks the goods, but can do the job. On the outside, the Ranger range has a big, tough, powerful stance.

Ford Ranger Single Cab will go as far as you dare to push it. On or off road the Ranger is fit for the job. If you encounter an unexpected situation you don't want to rely on luck, you want to be prepared. That's the philosophy behind Ranger's extensive range of safety features.

Single Cab pick-up trucks are great for hauling large amount of loads are are workhorses in mines, war-fields, factories, farms and businesses of all types.

used Ford Ranger Single Cab Exporter Jim

Jim is not only Thailand largest Ford Ranger Extra Cab exporter, Thailand's largest Smart Cab exporter and Thailand's largest Double Cab exporter but also Thailand's largest new Ford Ranger Single Cab exporter and Thailand's largest used Ford Ranger Single Cab exporter.

Single Cab or Standard Cab has the largest bed of all pick-up truck configurations and is therefore ideal for work situations where a lot of moving heavy stuff is involved. Single Cab Ford Ranger is used in construction sites and is ubiquitious in farms. factories and mines. It is also used by many militaries to move soldiers and weapons from one place to another.

You can purchase your new Single Cab 2WD or used Single Cab 2WD from our Thailand office but if your preference is 4WD Single Cab then our Australian and UK offices can get you Single Cab 4WD Ranger in new and used. Our Dubai office can provide you Left hand drive Ford Ranger Single Cab as well as Double Cab.